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December 30th, 2004  
Extremely well said, folks.
The end of Apartheid had to happen, but an unfortunate spinoff is that South Africa is now spiralling towards the level of other African countries. Yes, SA still has the best economy in Africa, but it is getting worse.
One form of Apartheid was switched for another. As godofthunder9010 mentioned, there is resentment, but it is carried to the extreme and fuelled by the Regime. The attacks on Afrikaner farmers are unusually cruel and it is seldom that anything of value is robbed - most of the time, the farmer is killed, wife and kids tortured and a weapons stolen - this has lead to around 40 000 of the original 80 000 farmers fleeing from their farms or being killed, thus, no more crops are being produced. Our grain and food imports have grown considerably in the past few years. This mass migration from farms to the cities end other countries have led to even worse unemployment amongst farm laborers.
Despite this, the economy is still one of the best - in fact, the best in Africa. The inerals industry is really huge.
The military problems are not so much lack of funds as it is lack of proper management. The most money spent in the SA military goes towards salaries for the top brass.
January 16th, 2013  
i reply the posts and comments made on several pages backward on this thread from pages 1 to 5, after i made many months of research and consulted serbving military officers, military analysts and war historians in africa and north america.
my own opinion concluded after my months of detailed research is thus, best country by country ranking for the top ten african military powers is :


(too powerful,too strong,too well trained, too well equipped and too experienced to be challenged by any other african country. the world respects egypt's power, they have only been defeated by israel and no country in the world has ever defeated israel since 1948. egypt defeated libya in 1977 war when gadaffi's military was well equipped. libya 400 soldiers killed, egypt 100 killed. libya 21 jets shot down, egypt 6 jets downed. libya 100 tanks and APC destroyed, egypt almost no tanks lost )


(it will shock any country that tries to fight algeria, very well equipped with large numbers of modern army and airforce,yet people don't know. algeria is a silent big power and they train a lot, no country has dared to challenge algeria in north africa's hostile and volatile region)


(nigerian army is stronger, south african airforce is stronger, a balance of power. both have a navy built for peculiar territorial needs and may just match each other in combat.the world respects nigerian artillery and infantry skills. south african army and and airforce have poor combat history, they almost lost their only major war fighting cuba that traveled 12,000 kilometers away from home for the african bush war in namibia to engage south african forces that traveled only1,000 kilometers away from home. i am only ranking south africa on a joint number 3 position because they manufacture and stockpile very modern military equipment, but not in very many numbers though. they have a moderate number of very good frigates, submarines, jest fighters and self propelled artillery.

nigeria has an unbeaten track record of 100% military success in wars and my own research records show that nigerian army has never retreated on any battle frontline. nigeria won all its wars, biafran war of almost half a million soldiers engaged on both sides, liberia war with over 50,000 soldiers engaged on both sides, sierra leone war with over 40,000 soldiers on both sides engaged, sudan/darfur war, and today in mali's war with nigerian army and air force jets fully deployed just yesterday. south africa has tactically avoided any major battle zone hostility since it lost to cuba over 20 years ago. south african military is often overrated by those who do not research into its combat history, producing and stockpiling weapons does not win a war, you have to prove your capabilities in real live battles and not simulations)


(ethiopia has a battle hardened well tested army and air force,combat experience nation against nation,its airforce flew warplanes against italy over 70 years ago! respect ethiopia. angola and sudan have latest jet-fighters and massive tanks/artillery firepower with many years of real combat experience in big civil wars)


(morocco has good jet-fighters,but its soldiers are not first-class on land and air combat. eritrea is a small nation with powerful airforce and army having many years of serious battlefield experience. uganda has a modernized airforce with good jet fighters and a moderately experienced army with good commanders)

anybody on this website with a different research result ? please bring it on with proofs and records to confirm. thank you gentlemen.
January 17th, 2013  
I would look or the one with the most stable government and the most friends, rapidly followed with good resources with those some one will always step in and bail you out, for a price of course
January 18th, 2013  
South Africa had a very good military until 1994 when the ANC took over, who then systematically destroyed it as they were terrified of a military coup. The standard today is appalling, the army is a joke, the air force sent a cadre of affirmative action pilots to the UK to be trained by the RAF, each and everyone failed the course and the IQ testing, and the navy are 75% HIV. I could go on and on. Zimbabwe is another joke.
January 18th, 2013  
The newcommer Agaugust may actually have a point here.

Algeria has been a more or less forgotten and silent corner of Africa, though they have had relative peace with their neighbouring countries, they still have experienced serious problems with rebels and terrorist groups trying to destabilise the government.

Even though yesterdays action in the hostage case seemed chaotic and poorly managed, the performance was far better than I would have expected from a north African armed force.
And allthough it seemed like someone jumped the trigger yesterday, it may be some pieces of information we don't know yet.

Algeria may very well be a military power to count in here.
January 19th, 2013  
Africa's humans army or animals army? If countries had an army just consisted of their animals, Africans would have had the strongest army in the world.
I like their animals wildlife a lot and I always watch documentaries about Africa's animals. Savannah is a real battle field but for animals. I think Savannah means shambles in African language.
December 6th, 2013  
Look in here
December 16th, 2013  
Originally Posted by hamidreza
Africa's humans army or animals army? If countries had an army just consisted of their animals, Africans would have had the strongest army in the world.
I like their animals wildlife a lot and I always watch documentaries about Africa's animals. Savannah is a real battle field but for animals. I think Savannah means shambles in African language.
Which of the thousands of languages do you mean? South Africa alone has 11 official languages.

Is this thread within the forum rules???
January 13th, 2014  
of course ,South Africa.
January 13th, 2014  
Originally Posted by udaka
of course ,South Africa.
The South African military today are a joke, the army is badly trained, badly equipped and poor quality troops, most of the fighter jets are grounded as there are no pilots to fly them and the Navy is 75% HIV positive.

The Army in Botswana is far superior, they are well equipped and trained by the British Army. I know, I've seen British troops training them.