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January 16th, 2015  
January 16th, 2015  
January 18th, 2015  
Music means a lot to me and my family.
Everyone in my family plays several instruments.
My mother plays the organ in our local church. My sister plays giutar and piano and I play the giutar, bass and drums.

My father plays the trumpet in the 8th Regimental Band and my youngest sister plays trombone in the Elsinore Girls Marching Band.

The original 8th Regimental Band was established in the middle of the 1800’s .The band of the 8th Infantry Regiment was one of the bands with pure brass and percussion. The 8th Regimental Band was a great asset to the Regiment and its garrison, the citizens of Roskilde, until 1932. Then the Band, along with the rest of the Danish military music establishment, was dissolved.
but …

The 8th Regimental Band in fact did reappear. In the spring of 1986, nine musicians convened under the name of Roskilde Brass Band to play music from old books of music which some of the musicians had inherited from musicians of the former 8th Regimental Band. In May 1988 the Band gave a concert in the Danish Army Museum for the first time under the name of “The 8th Regimental Band” The Band is structured as a typical regimental band from the period 1880 – 1932. The music chosen is mainly of that time, when a concert on the bandstand offered marches, overtures, waltzes, classical transcriptions as well as arrangements of the then contemporary popular music. Today’s Band is dressed in the Danish infantry uniform 1880 – dark blue tunic with red shoulder boards (for musicians) and a kepi with red plume.

Elsinore Girls Marching Band was selected to participate in the American New Year parade (Rose Parade) 1 January 2015. It´s the first time a band from Denmark participate in the Rose Parade.
January 21st, 2015  
February 4th, 2015  
Until I computer up from this idjit tablet, and learn for sure ( too many stressors nows), I'm gonna tell ya what I'm listening to.....

Rage Against the Machine
"Killing in the Name"

{yeah, kinda, po'd lately. Since all the friggin' work me, myself and I had to do since I have been F#$%&@n hacked!!!!, working out......}
And everything else in this beautiful World...
Why'd ISIS have to name themselves after the Egyptian Goddess of Life.... Isis? Wife of Osiris? Son ...Horus.
Egyptology was my thing from sixth grade on....

The immoral bastards!
Forgive me God,
THEY have no need to be on this planet.
February 26th, 2015  
February 26th, 2015  
February 26th, 2015  

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March 2nd, 2015  
One of life’s special moments: composers “Jacques Offenbach’s” The Barcarolle, from the “Tales of Hoffman” sung by Anna Netrebko - Elīna Garanča