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September 24th, 2012  
Toya Delazy - Are You Gonna Stay?
AWESOME Durban girl who sounds even better live! <3

September 24th, 2012  
September 24th, 2012  

Love this. Good to write Cadet TP's to.
September 25th, 2012  
The Dog Days Are Over - Florence and the Machine

(I'm too lazy to find a utube)
September 27th, 2012  
Listening to one excerpt of one of my favorite films ever: Carmen by Carlos Saura.

The basic story is that a director (fantastic dancer Antonio Gades) wants to translate Bizet´s opera "Carmen" to a Flamenco performance with his Flamenco company. The magic of the film lies in the way the opera´s content more and more takes over the real life of the actors/performers until in the end it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between the Flamenco piece, the opera and (the movies´) real life.

A synopsis of the opera you can find here, just for the context if you ever should happen to see this brilliant film: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carmen

This scene here is the duel of Carmen in the Tobacco factory (where she kills a woman when challenged) leading to ther detention and later release by the soldier José.

The video begins with Antonio Gades (who is the José in the opera but also the director of the Flamenco piece) asking his company to practice the scene in the Flamenco factory, I have translated the introduction and the songs for you (the music is by Paco de Lucia, one of my guitar gods).

This danced duel is one of the most intense and passionate performances by those great dancers (Christina Hoyos and Laura del Sol) that I have ever seen and explains more about Flamenco than many theoretical texts:

Introduction (by Antonio Gades, til 1:45 into the vid):
"We will now practice the piece in the tobacco factory.
We are in Sevilla, 1930, in a tobacco factory.
It is brutally hot, and as there are only women, they dress commodly, little clothes.
And I ask you a favor: Feel this heat, feel the circumstances, and over all, make me feel it, else nobody will believe it..." (followed by organisational orders to set up the scenario).

No te arrimes a los zarzales (2x) / Dont you go near the brambles
Los zarzales tienen púas / The brambles have thorns
Y rompen los delantales (2x) / and tear aprons.

(Christina Hoyos):
Y en esta tabacalera (2x) / And in this factory
las hay malas / there are bad ones
las hay buenas / there are good ones
Y en esta tabacalera, / and in this factory
las hay más zorras / therea are more sluts
que buenas / than good girls

Y en esta tabacalera... / and in this factory...

(Carmen = Laura del Sol)
No te metas con la Carmen, / Dont you annoy Carmen
con la Carmen no te metas. / dont you bother Carmen

La Carmen tiene un cuchillo / Carmen has a knife
para el que se meta con ella / for whom who bothers her (2x)

No te arrimes a los zarzales. (2x) / Dont you go near the brambles
Los zarzales tienen púas /The brambles have thorns
Y rompen los delantales (2x) / and tear aprons.

(Chorus split in two groups):
1) No te arrimes -> ˇArrímate! / Dont go near > Go near!"

2) No te metas -> ˇMétete! / Dont annoy her > Annoy her!

3) No lo hagas -> ˇHazlo! / Dont do it > Do it!

4) No le molestes -> ˇMoléstale! / Dont molest her > Molest her!

5) No se lo digas -> ˇDíselo! / Dobnt say it to her > Say it!

6) No te lo hagas -> ˇHáztelo! / Dont do it to you > Do it to you!

7) No me lo toques -> ˇTócamelo! / Dont touch mine (balls) > Touch them!

8) No se lo vendas -> ˇVéndeselo! / Dont sell it to her > Sell it to her!

9) No te enfades -> ˇEnfádate! / Dont get angry > Get angry!

10) No lo rompas -> ˇRómpelo! / Dont kill her > Kill her!

September 27th, 2012  
Delain - We Are The Others (Can't wait for this album to get here!!!!)

September 28th, 2012  
September 28th, 2012  
KONGOS - I'm Only Joking
(Another awesome South African band - going to ssee them play live in 2 weeks!!! whoop whoop!)

September 30th, 2012  
Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus <3

October 1st, 2012  
Working on orders for an airsoft milsim this coming weekend (my kids versus the local police ) Bach in the background, Bach as only Gulda can play him (1970):

Enjoy, or not!