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November 26th, 2011  
Listening to Adele's album right now... That's a lot of videos to post! Lol...
November 28th, 2011  
George Michael.

He is in hospital right now, critically ill with a live threatening pneumonial condition.

Never liked his stuff much (too "smoochie" for my liking, he lives off the band and the BG singers most of the time), but there are a few songs, evergreens in their own right, that are unfogettably imprinted in my musical memory for having accomapanied me through many (mainly night time) adventures.

Careless Whispers is one of them. I cant see myself ever attending one of his concerts, but if I were, I am sure I would sing along as well as I have done so often on a dance floor... : "..so I am never gonna dance again... the way I danced with you-hou...!"

And another one, ahh so sexy, soundtrack to one of my favorite movies:

For all the ladies you dont have an eye for, get better, mister, we have already lost so many this year!

December 2nd, 2011  
The sound of the last gasps for breath from a storm outside my windows.
December 3rd, 2011  
One of the new talents out. Refreshing to see this , hope it's not a one hit wonder. She is a wonderful singer , quite an original.

December 3rd, 2011  
A Blast from the past, for those of you old enough to remember it. It was #1 on US Billboard chart, the week JFK was assassinated.

Leaving It Up To You - Dale and Grace

In 1963, Dale Houston was working in a bar in Ferriday, a small town in Concordia Parish, Louisiana along the Mississippi River. Montel approached Houston about teaming up with a female singer, Grace Broussard (born 1939) of Prairieville in Ascension Parish near Baton Rouge. Both had been singing in area bistros for several years - Grace with her brother, Van Broussard (who later released an album on the Bayou Boogie label).[5][6]
The two met and practiced on Montel's home piano for 4 hours.[4] When Houston began to play a song written and recorded in 1957 by African-American performers Don and Dewey--"I'm Leaving it Up to You"--Montel, asleep in the next room, woke up screaming: “Play it again! That’s a hit!” [3] The song was soon recorded and released locally on Montel's Michelle label.

Montel's prophesy was vindicated when "I'm Leaving It Up To You" reached #1 on the U.S. chart, where it remained for two weeks.[8]
December 3rd, 2011  
Frankly, I don't know!

It's some Russian/Soviet tune with amale choir used in the movie "The Hunt For The Red October" among others...
I'd sure like to know what it's called, but as I said, I don't have the slightest clue.
December 3rd, 2011  
Originally Posted by 84RFK
Frankly, I don't know!

It's some Russian/Soviet tune with amale choir used in the movie "The Hunt For The Red October" among others...
I'd sure like to know what it's called, but as I said, I don't have the slightest clue.
The performers are with high probability the "Russian Red Army Choir", they did various pieces in the movie, all composed by Basil Poledouris. Which one of those you mean I can only guess, but maybe the "Hymn for Red October", as it is the theme song and the widest known?

The lyrics, here below (leaving out various repetitions of the latter part), should be a dead giveaway (translation to English appended):

Holodna, hmura...
I mrachna v dushe
Kak mog znat' ya, shto ti umryosh'?
Da svidania, bereg radnoy!
Kak nam trudna predstavit', shto eto nye son'...
Rodina -- dom radnoy,
Da svidania, rodina!
Ai! I v pohod i v pohod
Nas volna marskaya zdyot nye dazhdyotsya.
Nas zavut marksaya dal' i priboy!
Salyut otsam i nashim dedam
Zavyetam ikh vsegda verni.
Teper' nishto nye astanovit
Pabedniy shag radnoy strainii.
Ti plivi, plivi besstrashna,
Gordast' Severnih Maryey,
Revolyutsii nadeshda,
Sgustok vyeri vseh lyudey.
V oktyabre, v oktyabre,
Raportuyem mi nashi pabedi!
V oktyabre, v oktyabre,
Noviy mir dali nam nashi dedi!
Cold, overcast...
And my soul is filled with despair.
How could I know that you would die?
Until I see you again (≈ Good Bye), native shore!
How difficult for us to realize that this is not a dream...
Motherland - native home,
Until I see you again , motherland!
Hey! Take to the sea! Take to the sea!
The sea's waves await but will not wait forever!
The distances of the sea and the breakers beckon us.
Salute our fathers and our grandfathers-
We will always be faithful to our oath to them.
Now there is nothing that can halt
The victorious advance of our native country.
You sail on, sail on fearlessly,
Pride of the Northern Seas
Hope of the Revolution,
The solidifier of the faith of all the people.
In October, in October,
We will report out victory!
In October, in October,
A new world was given to us by our grandfathers!

To us in Europe the Russian Red Army Choir of course became cult by its 1989-1993 Europe tour with the Leningrad Cowboys (my favorite - cult! - show band of the late 80s/early 90s: Some crazy Finnish guys with funny hairdos and strange shoes pretending to be Russians that pretended to be Americans, greatest concerts I have ever lived party-wise, we would travel thousands of kilometers literally to see them) and their absolutely stunning performances in the so called "Total Balalaika Show".

When we heard them - The Russkies! - perform Sweet Home Alabama or the 1812 Battle Hymn of the Republic (easily found on youtube) we really knew the Cold War was finally over...


December 4th, 2011  
Absolutely right on the spot Rattler, it was the hymn to red october!
Well done!

Oh and the Leningrad Cowboys, they are just hillarious!
I nearly toppeled of the chair laughing when I heard they had talked the Sinebrychoff Brewery in Finland into making the Leningrad Cowboys Beer!
I've tasted both the bottled and the canned version, and they tasted fine plus they offered and additional amusement just by looking at the label.

December 7th, 2011  

Ben E. King - Stand By ME

Lonnie Courtney Clay
December 11th, 2011  
Chris de Burgh, my favorite musical story teller.

Had almost forgotten about him and not listened to his stuff for a long time, many years.

In a conversation about great love songs tonight someone mentioned "Lady in Red", and indeed it is on my top list of love songs as well. But, once my brain re-registered Chris de Burgh I remembered a concert I once went to (in the 80s, "Dont pay the Ferryman"), and how he came on stage with just a guitar because the instruments and equipment had been lost in the yourney.

We were offered to get our money back, but I think al#most nobody took on the offer after the concert, CdB performed amazingly, and the effect of having him there just with a guitar (and a piano) made it a very special one that I enjoyed immensely (until this moment I had never realized what a good musician he was on top of writing those epic stories that are his trade marks).

Enjoy the pictures his songs create before your inner eye, the closest I have found on the tube representing this unforgettable (!) concert is probably the 2nd song I feature below.