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October 15th, 2011  
October 15th, 2011  
October 16th, 2011  
Originally Posted by rattler
This song has always been a mystery for me, probably my English is just not good enough to grab the subtle underlying meaning (though I have a hunch, intuitively, that it has to do with somebody having lost somebody, probably in war).

I dont like the song layout, but I do like the guitar (when he goes into detail), a bit Hendrix-like.

Myself, currently listening to a wonderful George Duke piece: Buffalo Soldiers.

Cannot find a video for it, so straight from my machine:





Yes, it is a beautiful solo.

Eddie Vedder tends to change his as he tours, which also leads me to believe that he sings it as he feels at the time. Ofcourse we all will interpret depending on what we're feeling.

'Unsealed letter'out on the porch, no one waves,(I feel people who don't have relatives or friends in the military have no idea what I could take from this "I don't want to stay'' "want to drum it all away" "boxer or the bag"... better to record this to begin with.
The rest of his changes during his songs are all up for our own interpretation, as are everyone's.

October 20th, 2011  

Chopin - Grand Valse Brillante

Lonnie Courtney Clay
October 25th, 2011  
Randomly strolling through various music channels lookind for bands I dont know or underrate, with the bad weather outside I am a bit moody (my fire place is not yet installed and I am freezing stiff inside the house when I sit down longer than 10 minutes) and on a "hard" trip. Found some interesting stuff:

- Spanish Band "Rosanegra", excellent musicians individually all of them, as band they sound like Uriah Heep re-born, this sound goes great with the melody and sound of Spanish lyrics;

- Canada has better musicians than just Justin Bieber to offer, "Nickelback" 5 yrs ago always produced a good jam, also a fun live act (dont like their new stuff much, too main stream poppy for my gusto);

- got reminded again that we lost a great guitarist this year, I probably always underestimated Gary Moore a bit but he definitely was in the top 10, not only for his technique, his "feeling" made him special to me