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April 9th, 2011  
April 9th, 2011  
One for all that miss someone... (translation by yours truly)

Te echo de menos, le digo al aire / I miss you, I am telling the wind
te busco, te pienso, te siento / I search for you, I think of you, I feel you
y siento / and I feel
que como tu no habra nadie / somebody like you wont exist again
y aqui te espero, / and here I wait for you,
con mi cajita de la vida / with my box that holds my life
cansada, a oscuras, con miedo / tired, in the dark, afraid
y este frio, nadie me lo quita / and this coldness, nobody takes it away

Tengo razones, para buscarte / I have reasons to be looking for you
tengo necesidad de verte, de oirte, de hablarte / I need to see you, to hear you, to speak to you
Tengo razones, para esperarte / I have reasons to wait for you
porque no creo que haya en el mundo / because I dont think in the world exists
nadie mas a quien ame / someobody I could love more

Tengo razones, razones de sobra, / I have reasons, too many reasons,
para pedirle al viento que vuelvas / for asking the wind to bring you back
aunque sea como una sombra / and were it only as a shadow
Tengo razones, para no quererte olvidar / I have reasons to not want to forget you
porque el trocito de felicidad / because my little bit of happiness,
fuiste tu quien me lo dio a probar / it was you who made me try it

El aire huele a ti, / The air smells of you,
mi casa se cae porque no estas aqui / my house is falling apart because you are not here mis sabanas, mi pelo, mi ropa te buscan a ti / my sheets, my hair, my clothes, are looking for you
Mis pies son como de carton / My feet feel as if made of cardboard
que voy arrastrando por cada rincon / that I am dragging from place to place
Mi cama se hace fria y gigante / my bed is getting cold and too big
y en ella me pierdo yo / and I lose myself in it

Mi casa se vuelve a caer / My house falls apart again
mis flores se mueren de pena / my flowers die of pain
mis lagrimas son charquitos / my tears form small puddles
que caen a mis pies / that fall at my feet

Te mando besos de agua / I send you kisses of water
que hagan un hueco en tu calma / may they create a hole in your calm
te mando besos de agua / I send you kisses of water
pa(ra) que bañen tu cuerpo y tu alma / to bath your body and soul
Te mando besos de agua / I send you kisses of water
para que curen tus heridas / to heal your wounds
de esos con los que tanto te reias / of the type that made you laugh so much
April 9th, 2011  
A classic this time..

April 11th, 2011  
-- Dusty
April 12th, 2011  
nothing... except the whining of my pupils...