What Are You Listening To Right Now - Page 396

August 4th, 2008  
I Miss You So Much --- TLC

I never asked for this feeling
I never thought I would fall
I never knew how I felt
Till the day you were gone
I was lost
I never asked for red roses
I wasn't looking for love
Somehow I let my emotions take hold
And guess what all at once
I'm in love
Oh I miss you so much
I long for your love
It's scares me
Cause my heart gets so weak
That I can't even breathe
How can you take things so easily
Baby why aren't you missing me?
Why did I act like you mattered
It was silly of me to believe
That if I just opened my heart
Things would come naturally
Jokes on me (yeah)
I did not ask for love letters
So why did you give them to me
How could I let your intentions
Get hold over me
So in love
So naive (oh baby)
August 4th, 2008  
The Other Guy
Strawberry Fields Forever
The Beatles
August 4th, 2008  
"The Call" By Regina Sparks OST-Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

If you have the time, please do watch my first music video on youtube. Just search for 123 by Junior Kilat. Students and graduates of the IAFT made it. Feel free to post comments as well. Id be happy to see what you think of it.
August 4th, 2008  
The Other Guy
Fat Lip
August 4th, 2008  
L'Ultima Notte --- Josh Groban

I am in love with him.... *Sweet sighs.*
August 4th, 2008  
The Other Guy
I'll Follow The Sun
The Beatles
August 4th, 2008  
Cities on Flame with Rock'nRoll

August 5th, 2008  
Sweet Home Alabama
August 5th, 2008  
The Other Guy
August 8th, 2008  
^Great song.