What knives do you have? - Page 2

November 30th, 2005  
I don't know, for some reason I decided to spend my money to buy a Hitler Youth Knife. It's a sharp looking knife I'll tell you that much. It comes engraved with the words "Blut und Ehre!" (Blood and Honor!)

November 30th, 2005  
my hunting knife, resembles a bowie(thanks bulldog) knife, stained with blood looks mighty cool. I might get some pics.
November 30th, 2005  
Rabs, you Nazi thats B-O-W-I-E.

I got me a couple steak knives and a few butter knives and some big ole Chinese meat cleavers. Oh and a Gerber Multi-tool its like a third hand.

I mourn for Beardo's baguette victim.
November 30th, 2005  
no knifes. looking to get a Kabar and maybe pick up a hitler youth knife.
June 17th, 2008  
My favorite are my Tanto blades, I have others but my Tanto's are the ones I care about.
June 17th, 2008  
A chipped and scratched SOG Government Agent with a broken scabbard - It has served me well and still is doing a damn fine job.
June 17th, 2008  
Well I do have a Hitler Youth Knife but I am not a big knife fan. I never felt comfortable with them, I stabbed myself with a Swiss Army Knife (doing some really stupid) since them I am sort of squemish.
June 17th, 2008  
Having spent 20+ years as a Seaman a good knife is essential. Used mainly for ropework it must maintain a good edge as terylene rope will blunt the best knife quite quickly.

I made my own work knife out of a discarded Diamond brand blacksmiths rasp, as they are the best available and are relatively thin. Before attempting to shape the blade it, it was annealed in my oil fired forge for ten hours and allowed to slowly cool for another 24. The majority of excess metal was then removed with a linnishing belt and it was finished on a 100 year old 5 foot diameter wet stone owned by a local carpentry shop. The blade is only sharpened on one side.

Once ground it was re hardened and the temper drawn to mid brown to remove any brittleness and impart toughness. Because this was to be my work knife it was given a simple epoxy based handle moulded to the shape of my grip.

I used and abused it for about ten years as a knife and chopper, it is razor sharp and will easily dry shave the hairs off your arm but maintains a good edge in a salty environment at sea. Seen here with my rope and wire tools at the end of it's working life, it has lost it's original oil blued finish but still remains shiny due to good alloy steel and an occasional wipe with an oily rag.

June 18th, 2008  
I have a number of knives.

But my prized ones are the following.

U.S. Army Kabar (What I carried in the Sand Box. Also mine has a Semi-Serrated Blade)

PAL RH-36 Fighting Knife (WWII Production Knife. Mine is in New In Box Condition)

Finnish M39 Bayonet (Super Rare bayonet, I have the matching rifle)

U.S. M7 Bayonet (Bring Back from the Sand Box)

DDR AKM Bayonet (Bring Back from the Sand Box)

CRKT SRT M16-13LE (My work knife. Has an additional lock. So it's a great tool)

Smith & Wesson Border Guard (My everyday carry knife.)

Gerber LMF II Survival Knife (Great Knife. I didn't need it but I got it super cheap)
June 18th, 2008  
Man, I want to buy a USMC K-Bar....