What kinda music do you listen to? - Page 3

September 27th, 2004  
Green Day
The Offspring
Racer X
Paul Gilbert
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani

and more.

Just out of curiosity, who's everyone voting for (in US) ?
September 27th, 2004  
Vek---your curiosity question Bush, without a doubt. (not that it matters much since I am in Kalifornia)OH, and Satriani...good stuff!

Music wise I am all over the place. Salsa is probably my favorite. And I won't list artist, cause you all will just say 'who?' LOL

I also listen to American music, from all genres. In general I just love music!
September 27th, 2004  
Who? Olga? India? Gilberto Santa Rosa, Celia Cruz?
September 27th, 2004  
Originally Posted by 03USMC
Who? Olga? India? Gilberto Santa Rosa, Celia Cruz?
LOL, so obviously YOU wouldn't be saying "who?"
September 27th, 2004  
September 27th, 2004  
Everything from 80's rock to country. Motley Crue to Toby Keith
September 27th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Not a big fan of music.... a bit weird in that way I guess.
September 29th, 2004  
All kinds of Electronic music including:
HardHouse, ClubHouse, ProgressiveHouse, SpeedGarage, FunkyHouse, FrenceHouse, AcidTrance, HardAcidTrance, NuNRG, BootyTrance, TechTrance, AnthemTrance, Jungle, ClassicOldSkoolRave, Drum&Bass,
TechStep, DarkStep, HardStep, Breaks, ElectroBreaks, 2-Step, Turntablism, TripHop, ChemcialBreaks, BigBeat, ProgressiveBreaks, AnthemBreaks, Ambient, ClassicTechno, Bangin'Techno, AcidTechno, HardAcidTechno, Rotterdam, and Freeform.
I also like a little bit of Country, Punk, Metal, Hardcore now and then.

My favorite artists/djs are:
Rachel Auburn, Lisa Lashes, Ann Savage, DJ Dan, Klubbheads, Emjay, Trisco, Leftfield, 187 Lockdown, Steve Thomas, DJ Red Alert, Propellorheads, Jungle Bros, Nostrum, OD404, DJ Energy, DJ Issac, Stardust, Union Jack, Johnny L, Breeder, Lectrolux, TH Expression, DetroitGrand Phubas, E-Motion, Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Cirrus, Massive Attack, Psykosonik, Portishead, GrooveRider, Freaky Flow, Dillinja,
The Bleachers, DJ Dara, Diesel Boy, AK12000, Kosheen, Bad Company, EZ Rollers, Bassbin Twins, Chris Mac, Rectangle, A-Track, The Adventures of Roc Raida, Chemical Brothers, Czech, Cybotron, Woody McBride,
Chris Liberator, Master of Rave, Masochist, Channel X, Static-X, Powerman5000, Prodigy, Gorillaz, Rage Against The Machine, Erika, Aphex Twin, Astroline, Fleetwood Mac. DJ Decki, Chris Garrick, DJ Astroglide, BFS, Rocksteady, KrisKarr, Sean Gunn, Greg C, Swift, Brisko,
Ryuko, Cassiel, Petey, Dig-Dug, JosephMartin, Bee_Jay, DeKo-Ze, Jr.Mint, Brat, Dabbler, Scotty-Oh, Thanatos, Darjis,
Dialate, Brinden and some others.

I also DJ. I spin HardHouse and Jungle Breaks. Ive also been producting my own tracks for the past 2 years now. I should have a CD release soon. I have a sub-contract with http://www.moonshine.com/.
October 13th, 2004  
Let's see, Guns n' Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Nirvana, Our Lady Peace, any oldies. I can't imagine what it'd be like without music!
October 14th, 2004  
I'm too lazy to list all the bands i like and you probably won't even know the most of them. So let's say i listen to almost anything that's related to Punkrock, Oi!, Ska or HC and I also like a little Irish Folk and Metal every now and then.