What If Iran Gets the Bomb? Good Analysis - Page 2

September 30th, 2005  
Originally Posted by bulldogg
Phoenix, can you elaborate from your experience in the Iranian military why you think this analysis of what Iran would do with the bomb is accurate? What did you see or experience that makes you agree with this? I am not saying I disagree, in fact I do agree ( ) but want to know from your own personal dealings why it is that you personally agree with such a damning article.
I guess Mullahs may not use the bomb directly against US or Israeli interests but they will definitely use it as a stick over the heads of their own people to deprive them of the freedom they seek.

i.e they would use it as a deterrent to Israel or any possible US strikes (like what happened in Iraq).
I have no doubt that Mullahs know better than any one else that their one or two nuke warheads can't help them but it may help them stay in power for some more years.

regarding my experience in the Iranian military, I would say that the readiness of the Iranian armed forces has been kept from many people since the revolution as the regime doesn't want any one to know how ready they are in time of a crisis. But how ready they are, they have no chance to stand against a possible US military intervention. They will fall eventually but after a bloodbath!