What historical military Leader are you most like? - Page 2

March 1st, 2004  

Topic: well then

i was george washington and david ben gurion... hmmmmmm
March 2nd, 2004  
im mosy like Omar Bradley.
March 30th, 2004  

Topic: John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones
March 30th, 2004  
Erwin Rommel
March 30th, 2004  

Topic: Lets see

hamm,maus tanker, what a surprise, with your name and all....Oh well, he was a great general.
March 30th, 2004  
It was Stonewall Jackson for me. Ugh... a cav guy
April 3rd, 2004  

Topic: who am I like???

To be honest I would love to find out so if anyone can tell me where to do this test.....that"l be great!! By the way that Einstein quote is good!!
April 4th, 2004  
It said I was most like Robert E. Lee, hmmm. Sleepwalker, the link is posted in the first message. You have to join Military.com in order to use it though.
April 5th, 2004  
According to the test, I am most like George S. Patton! Rather flattering, but I think we should all be wary of a test with only 4 questions to determine your leadership style
Amusing though.
April 6th, 2004  
yah, i was Patton, also....these are their leader possibilities...funny, Erwi Rommel isnt on there

Other Leaders You Could Match ...

Teddy Roosevelt

John Paul Jones

Wesley Clark

William Tecumseh Sherman

Napoleon Bonaparte

"Stonewall" Jackson

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Douglas MacArthur

Omar Bradley

George S. Patton

Robert E. Lee

Ulysses S Grant

Duke of Wellington

Lord Nelson

George Washington

William Westmoreland