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December 21st, 2005  
Chief Bones
Originally Posted by AussieNick
................ He committed suicide with Eva Braun, and had his lackeys burn his body in the garden of the Reichstag, his partly burnt body was then wrapped in a blanket. It fell into the hands of the Russians and his dental records were confirmed. The soviets kept his lower jaw bone in a box, and this was kept in storage by the KGB. His burnt remains were buried under a Moscow parade ground.... his carcass was exhumed in the middle of the night, fully burnt, and the ashes flushed down the toilet. So in the ultimate humiliation, Hitler ended up in the Russian sewage system.
I have no doubt that AussieNick's above quote is probably about as correct as we will ever know. You have to remember that Hitler was reputed to be paranoid about anyone who was not of Arian lineage and he would have been scared out of his skull that the Russians that were about to overrun the Reichstag would have placed their hands upon his person and he would have been looking for any way out of that situation. The situation was so desperate by that time that he would rather commit suicide than go through the humiliation of being captured.

It is an ironic twist of fate that Hitler will forever share the fate of uncounted millions of jews he ordered killed, and fade into the web of obscurity with no one being the wiser as to their final resting place.
December 24th, 2005  
No, Bulldogg, we meant wife, Eva Braun. They actually married each other in the bunker, then for a honeymoon, they committed suicide and their bodies were burned together in the Chancellery garden. Awwwww. Isn't that romantic???

December 28th, 2005  
Originally Posted by Damien435
While we're on the subject.

Saddam, Osama bin Laden and Hitler did not drink, ever.

Winston Churchill and FDR, alcoholics.

Hooray Beer!
Stalin was a big drinker too! How does it fit into your theory.

I dont think anyone would call Churchill an alcholic. I dont think he was dependent upon it.

One Churchill quote I remember is a long the lines, when accused of being drunk by a woman "Madam I may be drunk, but when I am sober you will still be ugly"
December 28th, 2005  
actually, we attempted to assassinate Hitler using a rigged bottle of brandy. Anyways, did anyone ever read "The Bunker"? it's the account of what really went on there (Hitler had his dogs shot and poisoned, etc.)
January 18th, 2006  
After what had gone on I do not think that Hitler would have wanted to have been captured by any side. Lets face it, he had a face that would have difficult to hide and it was known far and wide, and so many people would have happily turned him in sooner or later. Also the way the Germans had suffered by the time the war had ended he would have got very little help from this area as well.
January 26th, 2006  
Persoanlly, as long as he isn't alive, that's what counts in my opinion
April 10th, 2006  
crap, i voted for the wrong one. i meant i believe that he died in the bunker. i voted, i believe it. i think that he died i the bunker, commited suicide with Eva Braun. that means my vote should be under, no impossible. sorry about that.
May 26th, 2006  
This guy is just a attention *****. And no he is not Adolf Hitler.
June 1st, 2006  
I find the numerous conspiracy theories related to the death of Hitler to be rather amusing. Why? Because I know the truth!!! Hitler did in fact survive the destruction of Berlin. He fled to the interior reaches of Greenland where he was joined by many of his lackeys. It was later that he met up with John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley in the Bermuda Triangle. Hitler realized that he'd been a very naughty boy, and declared his allegiance to Fred the current secret leader of the World!!

If you have not heard of Fred, it would not surprise me. Posing as a gas station attendant in Australia, he and his secret organization of knights (founded in the Middle Ages) have been secretly controlling events worldwide for centuries. But it took a leader like Fred to truly take control of the World. FEAR FRED!!!

Anyways, back to Hitler. Hitler, Elvis and Kennedy were sent to a secret base in Antartica. It was there that they were granted immortality by the Egyptian gods. To tell of all their exploits since that time would take far too long. Still, it was from that base that they recently worked in conjuction with Bob, the alien leader, to harvest the jellyfish tentacles. Of course, it is only with these jellyfish tentacles Bob and the rest of his alien followers can get their mysterious technology to work. Only Earth has them anymore. That's why Fred had promised him more jellyfish tentacles for his cooperation in causing the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean a couple years ago, and more recently creating Hurricane Katrina. Hitler, Elvis and Kennedy were there to deliver on Fred's promises.

Doesn't everyone love conspiracy theories!!!
June 1st, 2006  
I always thought it was Fred.