What you didn't know about Iraq

What you didn't know about Iraq
February 28th, 2006  

Topic: What you didn't know about Iraq

What you didn't know about Iraq
Here are a few important facts regarding the important history and roles
that this nation has played down through history.


1. The garden of Eden was in Iraq. (It sure doesn't look much like Paradise on earth today.)

2. Mesopotamia which is now Iraq was the cradle of civilization!

3. Noah built the ark in Iraq.

4. The Tower of Babel was in Iraq.

5. Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq!

6. Isaac's wife Rebekah is from Nahor which is in Iraq.

7. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq.

8. Jonah preached in Nineveh - which is in Iraq.

9. Assyria which is in Iraq conquered the ten tribes of Israel.

10. Amos cried out in Iraq!

11. Babylon which is in Iraq destroyed Jerusalem.

12. Daniel was in the lion's den in Iraq!

13. The 3 Hebrew children were in the fire in Iraq (That's good news to
know that JESUS has been in Iraq too as the 4th person in the fiery

14. Belshazzar, the King of Babylon saw the "writing on the wall" in Iraq.

15. Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, carried the Jews captive into Iraq.

16. Ezekiel preached in Iraq.

17. The wise men were from Iraq. (where are the "wise" men today?)

18. Peter preached in Iraq.

19. The "Empire of Man" described in Revelation is called Babylon which
was a city in Iraq!

And you have probably seen this one. Israel is the nation most often
mentioned in the Bible. But do you know which nation is second? It is
Iraq! However, that is not the name that is used in the Bible. The names
used in the Bible are Babylon, Land of Shinar, and Mesopotamia. The word
Mesopotamia means between the two rivers, more exactly between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The name Iraq, means country with deep roots. Indeed Iraq is a country with deep roots and is a very significant country in the Bible. Here's why.

* Eden was in Iraq--Genesis 2:10-14
* Adam &Eve were created in Iraq--Genesis 2:7-8
* Satan made his first recorded appearance in Iraq--Genesis 3:1-6
* Nimrod established Babylon &Tower of Babel was built in Iraq-- Genesis
10:8-97; 11:1-4
* The confusion of the languages took place in Iraq--Genesis 11:5-11
* Abraham came from a city in Iraq--Genesis 11:31; Acts 7:2-4.
* Isaac's bride came from Iraq--Genesis 24:3-4; 10.
* Jacob spent 20 years in Iraq--Genesis 27:42-45; 31:38.
* The first world Empire was in Iraq--Daniel 1:1-2;2:36-38.
* The greatest revival in history was in a city in Iraq--Jonah 3.
* The events of the book of Esther took place in Iraq--Esther.
* The book of Nahum was a prophecy against a city in Iraq--Nahum.
* The book or Revelation has prophecies against Babylon, which was the old name for the nation of Iraq --Revelation 17 & 18. No other nation, except Israel, has more history and prophecy associated it than Iraq.

February 28th, 2006  
not true in most parts

Iraq is a name of a country formed after WWI by the British and Iraq as we know today was part of the Persia (Iran) and part of Ottoman empire in late 19 and early 20th century.
February 28th, 2006  
Its a shame really... this was a lavish ,flourishing and a prosperous place.. It played a huge role in history. Baghdad if mentioned 900 yrs ago to a man would have brought great thoughts... but Baghdad mentioned to a man now.... LoL.
I for one, do excessively read histroy, its a hobby, and I knew most of this countries history.

And Iraq was called Iraq well before ww1 Phoenix.. the region used to be called "al-Iraqain" meaning Persia and Iraq, IF I am not mistaken heh. It was a part of persian empires yes, but as time went by, things happened. It used to be habited by seljuks and other Turks, as well as the Abbasids that controled its capital.
Later, Mongols controled it for some time after their victory over the last Abbasid caliph Al-whatever..lol. And then, recently, the Ottomans and so on..

I think I got to read more heh 8)
What you didn't know about Iraq
March 1st, 2006  
Some are true. Some aren't.
March 1st, 2006  
I thought the wise men were from the Orient?
March 1st, 2006  

Topic: Sez who?

Originally Posted by Fox
Some are true. Some aren't.
Would you mind stating which are and which aren't, instead of making wild baseless statements. And provide us with some references for the source of your remarks.
March 1st, 2006  
I agree with tomtom on that Fox..

April 15th, 2008  
much of this is intresting to me, im doing a little research as we speak, as well as working on a huge debate on "should we pull out of Iraq" but i will continue to research these and post later on my findings.
April 15th, 2008  
Team Infidel
i have seen this many times before....
April 15th, 2008  
Originally Posted by tomtom22
Would you mind stating which are and which aren't, instead of making wild baseless statements. And provide us with some references for the source of your remarks.
Sorry, I didn't know you were "waiting" for me to comment back.

And, sorry, I was being immature.