What country are you from?

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Australia (GAA is better than Ozzy rules and were crap at rugby) 0 0%
Canada (Underrated) 0 0%
Germany (Cant wait for the world cup) 0 0%
Italy (love the cars) 0 0%
Holland (lunatics!!) 0 0%
Norway ( yeve got some nice white haired ladies) 0 0%
Russia 0 0%
Sweden (famous for girls good tome porno, great country, lovely people and landscape, but most importantly Hendric Larrson!! I salute you.) 0 0%
England cough, only kidding. Come on the city 0 0%
USA (Where?) Didnt think Id leave ye out did ye? 0 0%
IRELAND. Seeing is beliveing. Look at the links 1 100.00%
Soctland (couldnt care less , there bril.) playing ye in shinty today with hurling 0 0%
Sunny Spain 0 0%
Switzerland (we'll get ye in the soccer) 0 0%
Turkey umm turkey 0 0%
France If we dont beat ye in the soccer we'll beat ye in the rugby 0 0%
New zeland cough sheep 0 0%
Other please state 0 0%
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October 24th, 2004  

Topic: What country are you from?

I think the americans are going to win this hands down so sorry I left ye out.

Or anyone else I left out.

www.liambyrne for music
www.christymoore.net for a ledgend

Hadnt enough room to fit you all.
October 24th, 2004  
Duty Honor Country
this topic has been done before