What to do? conscripted but confused!

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January 4th, 2004  

Topic: What to do? conscripted but confused!

Hi, please excuse my spelling.

I am almost 17 and live in Israel. As you may know all fit Israelis must join the IDF(Israeli Defence Forces). That is no problem. I am more then happy to serve, as did my entire family(8 officers). However I have a dilema. On one hand I will probably be approached by the intelligence core, on the other hand i will allso be approached by some Field units(probably infentary). I am not exactly a "fighter" type, but i feel that the frontline men make a whole diffrent contribution. I might make a good field soldier but ill probably make an exellent Intel man. Waht do you all think?
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January 4th, 2004  
Hi Amit and Welcome to the forum.

Both the Intel and combat units depend on each other.
Going to combat without proper intel is in most cases suicide, and intel can't do much without combat units...

Since you say:
I might make a good field soldier but ill probably make an exellent Intel man
I think you should go for the option you feel that you can contribute most to..
Both combat and intel units are important, (even if the combat units get most of the credit for a job well done)
January 4th, 2004  
Each have their own styles. I've been told that I oughta pursue a MI path when I hit the army, but my heart's with the infantry. Just remember, no matter what path you pick, every fiber of your work is done in support of that guy on the ground going into harms way. Fail that due to some slight of paperwork and you've screwed yourself in regards to purpose.
January 4th, 2004  
Well said Acerbus, I think if you definelty feel you will be contributing to the national defense of Isreal from an intel standpoint, then God bless ya. I hope you really get a sense of duty when they take you out to Masada
January 5th, 2004  
I hate dabbling in other peoples' lives, ultimately, you have to live with whatever you decide, and we can't make that decision for you. That being said, if you feel that you would perform best in an intel position, then that is what I would do if I were in your position, every part of the military relies on every other part to function successfully, and your contribution there would not be any less than if you were in a combat unit.
January 5th, 2004  

Topic: thanks for all the advice.

I know that eventually Ill have to choose my self, but I need some prospective(Im just a kid eventually...).
January 7th, 2004  
don't gotta reason, but intelligence... if you aren't the combat type, then its not always a benefit... but its really your choice.. just rambling
January 7th, 2004  

Topic: My problem

My problem is not with getting shot at its just, well,i.....i hate running and stuff...I mean i can do it if i have to but i dont like it....
January 7th, 2004  
Ehrmm.. Sorry, I voted wrong.. I accidently clicked the wrong vote without thinking of it..

Sorry, Man..

I think you should do intelligence..
January 12th, 2004  
I'd definately go for the intel position unless you want to tell a lot of war stories. Folks that do intel are the unsung heroes who do lots of interesting and amazing stuff but can never get the limelight for it. So if you are a person who can get satisfaction from staying behind the scenes even when you are part of something that is huge then this is for you. Otherwise take the combat or something else because you would never be happy in intel. I voted your poll for intel with this disclaimer.