What is better enlisting or being an officer?

May 24th, 2013  
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Topic: What is better enlisting or being an officer?

After high school I want to join the Marine Corps but I don't know if I should enlist or do the ROTC program and go in as an officer? I know that officers get paid more, are higher ranking and get more respect but do they get to fight as much as an enlisted Marine? I wanna be in the Marines but I wanna fight not work in a cubicle all day.
May 24th, 2013  
If you are a Platoon commander you will be in the **** with the guys.

As an officer, you also get some competencies that you can use in civilian life the day you decide to leave the Marines. But if you just want to fight, then you should sign up as a enlisted Marine.

Perhaps a U.S. Marine / Army officer here can give you some better advice. After all, I'm just an old jet jockey.

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