What is the best Bullet-proof vest in the world? - Page 3

October 6th, 2004  
A Can of Man
Do you mean level III or level IV?

Originally Posted by Rotty261
I have an Interceptor bullet proof vest with level IIII ceramic plates. Which one is best really depends on the use. For combat where you face rifle rounds ie 7.62 from AK's you need to have good coverage and level IIII protection without losing to much mobility. The interceptor is light comfortable as it can be and provides level IIII protection of the majority of your back and chest, the rest of your upper torso to include your neck and groin area. It doesn't weigh too much and you keep the majority of your mobility. Until something else comes out that is better this will stay as my choice.
October 7th, 2004  
Sorry Level IV.....not Level IIII.....
October 23rd, 2013  
Even I heard the same. Therefore, I did some research and found that these days; there are many countries who are manufacturing bulletproof vests, not only for the law enforcement forces but also for the civilians. Couple of weeks ago, I found some high quality Bulletproof vests made of lightweight ballistic fabrics called Honeywell Goldflex, manufactured by an Israeli company named Zfi-Inc.com. So, Israel is also manufacturing such products for civilians as well as for military and police forces.