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August 23rd, 2012  
I vote for Kaspersky Internet Security. Although, it can consume some PC power.
August 23rd, 2012  
Originally Posted by senojekips
Hmmmm,... I am using Avast at the moment. I am in somewhat of a quandary, as I have tried several other AV programs recently and it seems to be a tradeoff wherever I turn. It's either take a slight degree of risk or load up my 'puta with some resource hogging monster that wants to take over.

Of all I have tried, and that is a considerable number so far, I have found Norton to be best at Virus spyware detection and prevention and Kaspersky to be the best in regard to resource hogging Vs risk, but not sufficiently so, to warrant paying for it. (My Jewish/Scottish heritage has kicked in)

I am prepared to run a small degree of risk as I believe that this is present in all AV software due to the number of new viruses always coming online. So far I have been lucky Iguess not having had a virus in many years, but I do have some problems with Malware because of sites that I visit in my search for free software. Fortunately, they are usually no more than a nuisance, and once detected, easily removed with such software as Ad Aware, Spybot or Scan Spyware.

Never the less, it's an interesting and on going business
I also run Avast, I have tried AVG and a few others which quite frankly didn't work. One thing I like about Avast is the boot scan, its caught a few virus's.
August 23rd, 2012  
The Highway Man
I use Microsoft Security Essentials, it's pretty good for a freebie.
August 23rd, 2012  
Originally Posted by The Highway Man
I use Microsoft Security Essentials, it's pretty good for a freebie.
I know a number of people that run that one and have had no problems with it.

Currently I am running both PCTools internet security and Norton 360 on different computers and I really liked Norton 360 v5.0 but v6.0 is a pain in the butt they have taken something that worked in v5.0 and made it slower, larger and more intrusive in v6.0.

However the one thing I like about Norton over the others is that it takes out tracking cookies as a routine function.
August 23rd, 2012  
I'm still running Avast, and must say that I think it is the one that I have stuck with for the longest, that I can remember.

I've had no viruses for years, and it's caught several Trojans in software I have down loaded, so for a man of simple tastes,... it will do me for the moment.
August 24th, 2012  
I've hijacked Lunatik's computer and at the moment he is running around naked.

I found this out yesterday when I got a pretty nasty friend on the computer. I was able to download Spybot Search and Destroy and I cleaned his computer of 169 threats, up to level 5 threats at that.

For a guy that is so computer savvy sometimes I wonder....

ETA: I am going to download Avast on his computer. I agree with you seno, it's a very good anti-virus.
August 24th, 2012  
I am not running any antivirus software at all.
I run Ubuntu and a lot of them I cannot configure without a lot
of pre modification to work on linux
August 27th, 2012  
Present am using kaspersky, before that it was quick heal. however m not a big fan of Norton it makes PC run slow.

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