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October 23rd, 2009  
Kaspersky anti virus
February 25th, 2011  
well I might say ZenOK Free Antivirus and common sense works for me.
Other progs include ZA Pro, Adaware Pro and Spybot 1.3.
February 26th, 2011  
Originally Posted by senojekips
When looking for a replacement for Norton several years ago, I also tried Kaspersky, and I feel that it was at least as good and not as intrusive as BitDefender, but after trying several others, including freebies, I finally settled for Avast as it seems to work well and is completely unobtrusive on older machines, except for regular (daily) messages that the virus database has been updated.

I have since switched from AVAST as it missed several nasties via email that took down a PC, I am now trying a commercial package (aka paid for) from PCTools called "PCTools Internet Security" which incorporates spyware removal, virus checker, firewall, email scanning etc.

It received good reviews from around the net (it has its bad points as well) and on the whole it seems to be doing its job, the biggest selling points for me were that it is very simple to set up and maintain and does not appear to be a resource hog (although that will come now that PCTools is owned by Symantec).
February 26th, 2011  
Hmmmm,... I am using Avast at the moment. I am in somewhat of a quandary, as I have tried several other AV programs recently and it seems to be a tradeoff wherever I turn. It's either take a slight degree of risk or load up my 'puta with some resource hogging monster that wants to take over.

Of all I have tried, and that is a considerable number so far, I have found Norton to be best at Virus spyware detection and prevention and Kaspersky to be the best in regard to resource hogging Vs risk, but not sufficiently so, to warrant paying for it. (My Jewish/Scottish heritage has kicked in)

I am prepared to run a small degree of risk as I believe that this is present in all AV software due to the number of new viruses always coming online. So far I have been lucky Iguess not having had a virus in many years, but I do have some problems with Malware because of sites that I visit in my search for free software. Fortunately, they are usually no more than a nuisance, and once detected, easily removed with such software as Ad Aware, Spybot or Scan Spyware.

Never the less, it's an interesting and on going business
February 27th, 2011  
Yeah I think my mistake was to go with the Internet security version and not the virus/spyware version, the Internet security one has both virus, spyware plus a ton of other functions when in reality I just needed virus and spyware protection.

It certainly doesn't hog the system and outside a 20-40 second delay in the internet connecting while it does a memory and rootkit scan you barely notice that it is there at all.

In all I did not feel $30 (NZ) to cover 3 computers for 12 months all that expensive.
February 27th, 2011  
True, it is not expensive, especially when compared with the grief that it can save you. I guess I'm just a "miserable" risk taker.
February 28th, 2011  
No anti virus for sometime now but will be turning to Quick heal or Net Protector....
November 17th, 2011  
I've been using BitDefender for these past 3 years I think, but before that I've been using Avast and AVG, whatever I manage to install first.
November 17th, 2011  
I'm running AVG free version, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, and Emsisoft Anti-Malware, haven't had any problems with this setup.
November 17th, 2011  
I use Avira Internet Security 2012

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