Wavier Required for joining.

July 14th, 2009  

Topic: Wavier Required for joining.

I'm interested in joining the armed forces to help support myself and my family. The only problem is I have a misdemeanor on my record that requires a wavier. I have spoken to a recruiter, so I don't think my chances of succeeding right now are likely. However, I just want to know if at a later time I can try to enlist again when the economy improves (or right now if possible).

The case was listed as Corporal injury against spouse/co-inhabitant. This was a misdemeanor of course, as the particular spouse was also listed as abusive. My ex-gf attacked me on several occasions prior to this, and was even arrested by police and had a similar case filed on her. At the time of the incident she was also under a restraining order, which stated she couldn't physically or verbally assault me which was court ordered while her case was being heard. (and wasn't completed at this time.) I was planning on moving away from her, but just before I could do this she cornered me, tried to attack me. I tried to stop her, but I ended up holding her down on the ground which caused her injury. I was latter arrested for this, and after being denied bail for whatever reason, I had to spend 31 (or equivalent) days in jail while I waited on the case to be held. I originally tried to fight the case, but after being held in jail for this length of time while waiting, I decided to plead guilty so that I could be released. This was a misdemeanor and I was to pay a fine, and have 3 years informal probation where it merely stated I just couldn't commit any crimes (wouldn't I do this normally?)

It wasn't my intent on committing any crimes that day, I just wanted to be left alone while I planned on moving away. Now with this record I need to have a waiver. Which is saddening considering the situation.

More than two years has past since this, and as soon as I was released and told I could move away, I left and moved several states apart. I have only one child, and he was recently born this year. He needs my support and this is getting in the way of my enlisting. I hope someone who knows more of the process can tell me if there is a way to progress.

Btw, while I was speaking with the recruiter, I took the pre-asvab test and scored a 77. I was told that I could probably do better on the actual test. however I wouldn't attain the security clearance to all of the jobs available with said score.

Thank you for your time.

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