Watch Out For Those Crazy Tank Drivers...

September 8th, 2008  

Topic: Watch Out For Those Crazy Tank Drivers...

Driving a tank in a European village, my friend hit a patch of ice. The tank slid along the streets, stopping only after it smashed through the display of a sweetshop. No one was hurt, but the shop owner fumed, especially after my friend joked, "One kilo of chocolate, please."

"For one kilo," snapped the owner, "you could've used the front door."

--David Bass

Provided Courtesy of Reader's Digest.
September 8th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Hearts and minds... hearts and minds...
September 8th, 2008  
Team Infidel
September 13th, 2008  
Hehehe Nice.
September 24th, 2008  
Oh boy!!!!!
September 24th, 2008  
I guess he didn't realized the store owner no drive through services.
June 11th, 2012  
LOLX dragonfette

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