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October 30th, 2010  
Welcome aboard!
December 31st, 2010  
Well gosh Princess, I did offend those tender sensibilities and without even much effort. I guess we have a few minefields here abouts and maybe
a few snipers to worry us further on.

Anybody that hasn't figured out yet, there is a difference between people with American passports and Real Americans just aint figuring very much.
I like to think of the former as easily offended, liberal, tree-hugging, socialist ,cry-babies.

Now wheres my damn Gunney Smiley?.........ah

Hey moderator, he called me a troll........waaaagh
December 31st, 2010  
Welcome Aboard! Did you know that "President Obama" is an anagram of "Entomb Paradise"? What do you think of that?

Lonnie Courtney Clay
January 1st, 2011  
Originally Posted by mmarsh
True, but then again his entire introduction was abrasive and the "Warning: REAL AMERICAN" comment was insulting. Not a very good way to make friends here especially on your very first post. The whole introduction read as "Incoming: TROLL".

Our friends across the channel are unaware of this but in the US the radical very far rightwing, (of which Willscr2000 readily admits he is a member of) often questions the patriotism of those that don't share their very radical political views. Don't share their views and your labelled unpatriotic or a traitor. With the comment "Real American" he suggests that he is an authentic American and some of...aren't. Mdbigdee obviously didn't appreciate the insinuation and neither did I.

As for the rest of it...well I lack military experience myself, but I have noticed the real vets here have a 6th-sense when someone is lying about their military service record...
Speaking as a lowly furriner, I think you hit the nail squarely on the head.

I think that we've got ourselves a "live one" here, but I think I'll be content to watch from the sidelines, this could be funny in a perverse sort of way.

Oh,... and Yes, Welcome. Pbbbttt!!
January 2nd, 2011  
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA5cM-zTWcI&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - fOB lIFE[/ame]#!

To all the FOBBITs and POGs here.
January 2nd, 2011  
I'm a lazy hog! I'm a backfield warrior! I'm a RLMF bastard! What were YOU doing when the hammer came down on your units? I was wooing girls! I was singing songs! I was getting stoned drunk...
Some people use REMF - echelon rather than line...

Like the man says, BE All you CAN Be!
If you find yourself in an end game scenario, it might help if you say, and REALLY mean and BELIEVE it WHEN you say "I absolutely, positively, unequivocably, and IRREVOCABLY, simply DO NOT BELIEVE THIS $HIT IS HAPPENING!"
You might be surprised what happens...
If you have time, then repeat the statement, tossing in an utterly, an indubitably, and a few more such *ly words, using whatever comes to mind...
Lonnie Courtney Clay
January 3rd, 2011  
Originally Posted by willsrn2000
YouTube - fOB lIFE#!

To all the FOBBITs and POGs here.
Yeah good for you
tell it walking mate
January 3rd, 2011  
Isnít the only real Americans Native Americans? Or is it un-American to mention such a thing?
For me it stands as yet another example of politics that cling to American mythology rather than American potential!
January 3rd, 2011  
Nope those are Native Americans which means they got here about 20,000 years before anyone else.
Since there seems to be so much resentment against the term "Real American" vs person with American residency , I will attempt to explain.
Real American refers to someone who believes 100% in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and not someone who sees them as archaic,
obsolete documents. A Real American is not constantly trying to amend this Constitution in an attempt to make it fit their narrow point of view and who believes it is already a complete blueprint for the conduct of human governance. A Real American is someone who has actualy read both documents, will lay down his life to defend them and believes there has never been a more perfect form of civil government in the history of the world. A Real American strongly resents people who constantly critize his way of life and belief's especially the ones who benefit directly from this country and yet oppose it at every turn.
There are plenty of people who inhabit America who are American in name only. They actually loath this country and all it stands for and would like nothing better than to see America demolished. An example is, all of our homegrown domestic terrorist of the past few years were American citizens. No one can say with accuracy how many more there are waiting in the wings for their moment of so-called glory but I suspect there may be thousands. The time is swiftly coming in my beloved country, sadly, that the term Real American is taking on more and more relevance.
Our newest elected Republican leaders are trying to assure that all laws passed in the future reflect the true meaning and spirit of the US Constitution. They are Real Americans. The majority of the liberals and Democratic party are having hissy fits and convulsions as this would defeat their planned agenda and hard work of socialising America for the past 50 years. The Real Americans are not offended by the use of this useful term.
So, if some of you guys want to keep lobbing your indirect fire at me, fire at will. I have made it clear who I am and its nice to be able to locate your hide.
January 4th, 2011  
"A real American is not constantly trying to amend this Constitution in an attempt to make it fit their narrow point of view and who believes it is already a complete blueprint for the conduct of human governance."

From this statement, I deduce that you consider the behemoth government in the U.S.A. which is encroaching upon all facets of personal liberties which were laid out in the Declaration of Independence, to be acceptable and just fine and dandy? Alternatively, that you agree with the proposition that those who are doing the encroaching are not real Americans? Actually, I am not sure just what you mean, but I know one thing for SURE, which is that the governments at all levels in the U.S.A. are running roughshod over the citizens, treating them like cattle, and devouring the substance of the land...

Lonnie Courtney Clay

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