War Widow, Iraqi Youth Brought Together By Toy

War Widow, Iraqi Youth Brought Together By Toy
February 28th, 2007  
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Topic: War Widow, Iraqi Youth Brought Together By Toy

War Widow, Iraqi Youth Brought Together By Toy
Houston Chronicle
February 28, 2007
Boy, 11, receives heart surgery in the U.S., then gets a very special gift
By Frank Eltman, Associated Press
NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. The same day an 11-year-old Iraqi boy underwent heart surgery on Long Island last week, the widow of an Army captain who had befriended the youngster was opening a package at her home in California.
It was Capt. Brian Freeman's personal effects, sent to Charlotte Freeman after his death in Iraq Jan. 20 by Iraqi militants. They included a hand-held Sony PlayStation video game.
On Tuesday, Charlotte Freeman fought back tears as she presented the gadget to the smiling boy named Ali as a token of what she hoped would be a lifelong friendship.
"When Brian's personal effects came in, (the toy) just was there and it hit me that was something I should bring," Charlotte Freeman said at Schneider Children's Hospital. "I think it's a lot more personal. It was something that Brian actually had."
An interpreter said Ali's "biggest thanks are to God, Captain Freeman and Charlotte."
Freeman had learned of the boy's heart problem after he befriended him and his father, Abdul. The family name was withheld for fear of reprisals in Iraq.
Freeman contacted Gift of Life International, which helped raise $10,000 to pay travel and medical costs for Ali and another boy who has not yet arrived in the United States.
Ali and his father were flown to Long Island, and he received the lifesaving heart surgery last Wednesday. Physicians repaired a hole between the upper chambers of Ali's heart. Doctors forecast a complete recovery.

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