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November 24th, 2016  
Originally Posted by Kyle Emde
Hi, my name is kyle emde. I am fluent in German and hold a German passport. I currently live in south Africa. I would like to know how to enlist. I also wanted to know if Germany deploys troops into countries such as Afghanistan or Iraq, as I would like to serve on the front line. Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
The German armed forces have been deployed to A-stan.

January 4th, 2017  
Hello. I'm new here. I'm 22 years old, from Romania. At the moment, I'm studying Communication and Public Relations. Lately, I've seen that Bundeswehr is recruiting from whole EU. I have to emphasize the fact that I know german. I want to ask you guys, how can I team up with them ? I don't know where the recruitment is taking place. Can you help me, please ? Thanks in advance.

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