Waiver for home school student to enlist as Tier 1?

September 5th, 2012  

Topic: Waiver for home school student to enlist as Tier 1?

Is there an option for a home school student to get a waiver to recruit as a Tier 1? My son has been home schooled since 6th grade, same curriculum all the way through, and wants to join the Marine Corp. He is try to do the "early enlistment" or whatever it is called when you sign on between your Junior and Senior year of high school. The recruiter has received his "official" transcript from the academy he is enrolled in, which is accredited by AdvancEd, the international accreditation organization that has accredited all of the major high schools in our area, but the recruiter told him he had to go through the "GED classes" and then take the GED before they could sign him. Either way it appears to me as though he is still going to recruit as a Tier 2. Why won't they accept his transcript from an institution that carries the same accreditation as the local "public schools"? Yes, he is doing his school work at home, but everything is sent to the academy main office where it is verified and "they" actually issue report cards, transcripts, etc. He is even required to "attend class" via live classroom videos on DVD, taught by degreed, licensed instructors, which I might add are filmed at a private school from which students have been recruited between their Jr. & Sr. years as Tier 1 in another state. They even have their own school code for the ACT and SAT testing. Is there any avenue available to present this information and get a waiver for him to recruit as a Tier 1?

By the way, I have two other sons who have served in the military already, one as regular Navy (9 years) and the other in the Marine Reserves (one enlistment period), so I'm not entirely new to this process!

September 5th, 2012  
The Marine Corps regulation specifies Traditional Day School for Tier 1. OTOH the Army was treating home schoolers with certain transcripts as Tier 1.

The Corps averages recruiting 95% of it's recruits from the Tier 1 bracket, there is no need to waiver given the smaller size of the Corps and it's stated recruiting goals.
September 6th, 2012  
I'm not sure I understand your response. Are you saying that the Corp will not consider a waiver under any circumstance? This seems discriminatory to me when a student is studying the exact same curriculum as a private school whose students are accepted as Tier 1 recruits, the only difference being that the student in question is studying at a location remote from the actual school building.
September 6th, 2012  
Pretty sure any armed service has a right to discriminate!
September 6th, 2012  
Interesting, since all 3 of the military academies state they accept home schooled students on an equal basis with traditional high school students.
September 7th, 2012  
Inserting logic into a military related matter will result in brain damage.
Give it up.
September 14th, 2012  
Needs of the military.

If they need to waiver to meet recruitmentgoals they will.
If not, they wonīt.

Get the lad to a schoolhouse and be done with it, canīt be that hard?

KJ sends..

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