Virginia girl suing Dolphins rookie for $6.3 million

Virginia girl suing Dolphins rookie for .3 million
December 15th, 2006  
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Topic: Virginia girl suing Dolphins rookie for $6.3 million

Virginia girl suing Dolphins rookie for .3 million


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RICHMOND, Va. - A 17-year-old girl who claims she had an almost two-year sexual relationship with Miami Dolphins rookie Marcus Vick has filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of sexual battery upon a minor, fraud and other charges.
The lawsuit - filed Wednesday in Montgomery County Circuit Court - states that the girl was a 15-year-old honor student at Christiansburg High School when she first had sex with Vick in January 2004 while he was a quarterback at Virginia Tech.
The lawsuit says Vick and the girl, identified only as Jane Doe, had a sexual relationship through December 2005.
"As a direct and proximate result of Marcus Vick's unlawful sexual intercourse with Jane Doe, the plaintiff suffered, and will continue to suffer, psychological trauma associated with the child sexual abuse perpetrated by defendant Marcus Vick," the lawsuit states.
The lawsuit also says Vick wanted her to have sex with other men and contends that Vick offered her alcohol and marijuana several times. It also names the girl's grandmother as a plaintiff.
The 22-year-old Vick is the younger brother of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick.
"She's maybe seeing this thing in a different light now," the girl's Christiansburg-based attorney, Stephen Haga, said Thursday. "I think she's now seeing that he misused her."
Lawrence Woodward, a Virginia Beach attorney representing Vick, said Vick is aware of the case.
"We're just going to deal with it through the court process," he said.
Miami Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said the team first found out about the suit on Thursday.
"We are just starting to process all of the pertinent information," Greene said.
Vick's mother, Brenda Boddie, refused comment when reached by phone on Thursday.
"We don't want to talk about this," she said.
After-hours calls to Montgomery County Commonwealth's Attorney Brad Finch to see if Vick could face criminal charges were not answered.
The girl accuses Vick of fraud, saying he told he loved her, wanted her to have his child and that having a sexual relationship with someone her age was acceptable.
Vick and two of his former teammates at Tech were convicted in 2004 of three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for giving three underage girls liquor and encouraging them to strip.
Vick confessed to police that he had consensual sex with one of the girls. The girl who allegedly had sex with Vick invoked her Fifth Amendment rights at the trial.
In the lawsuit, the girl identifies herself as the one who had sex with Vick on that night in January 2004 that led to his arrest and conviction.
After an appeal, Vick pleaded no contest in September 2004 to one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was ordered to have no contact with the teenagers in the case.
Vick was suspended from the team after the incident, but was Tech's starting quarterback in 2005. He was kicked off the team by school officials in January for his on- and off-field behavior.
Vick entered the NFL draft last spring, but was not selected. The Dolphins signed him as a free agent in May.

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