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February 1st, 2010  
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Vietnam is the topic of the thread. Your experience should be stated in your profile. Yours says nothing about any military experience whatsoever. Please rectify that situation.
You stated
I'm telling you the myth of the Viet Cong is over exaggeratted in my opinion. At least by the time I got there and where I was deployed, the VC were not a real concern. FWIW, I never ran across a single "punji trap" (there were other booby traps though). FYI, I was in an Infantry Scout platoon. We were on foot patrol almost constantly.

Back to the topic:
Question: How many US military women served in Vietnam?
A: 4,367
B: 7,484
C: 38,291
D: 52,281

7.500 around, About 2.1 million total men and women served in the Vietnam war. Two hundred and fifty
thousand lost their lives, were MIA, or injured. A God Done Shame!

It all depended in what OP sector, in some sectors For Example, in Vietnam, the Vietcong (VC) noticed soldiers liked to
kick empty soda cans that were lying on the ground. It was not long before the US troops found that the VC were leaving
explosive devices in empty cans lying alongside regular patrol routes. The devices activated when the cans were kicked.

3 pictures of Punji Pitts
February 1st, 2010  
Thanks for the pics but I know what a punji pit looks like, trust me. I never did see one actually deployed because the VC were not there to use them.
Your guess is close to answer "B". That is correct. Now it's time for a new question from you.
February 7th, 2010  
It's Known around 2,000 US Personal in NAM became MIA.

Some times in Life or Military experiences Battle Fatigue or those Fancy medical names the mind snaps and you what no part in it anymore, Due to the pressures inflicted on some US Personal.

How many US Personal committed Suicide in NAM?
April 8th, 2010  
April 13th, 2010  
I suppose noone is going to verify my data?...
June 12th, 2010  

It is in the rules of the thread that you need to supply a source for your answer.
June 13th, 2010  
Originally Posted by tomtom22
It is in the rules of the thread that you need to supply a source for your answer.
He did.

Air Loss, Crash in Sea 577
Burns 530
Illness, Disease 482
Suicide 382
Heart Attack 273
December 29th, 2010  
I know it's been a while, but I'll bite and assume I have the right of way to ask another question.

What was the name of the ARVN general that executed a VC prisoner during the Tet Offensive in Saigon on international television?
February 28th, 2011  
Nguyễn Ngọc Loan

i read about this in a book though i dont remember what the title was
i also re verified via wikipedia

here is my question on what date and how were the rangers of 75th ranger regiment organized in vietnam
March 1st, 2011  

On 1 February 1969, the final period of the existence of these units began when the Department of the Army re-designated the LRP companies and detachments as lettered Ranger companies of the 75th Infantry Regiment under the Combined Arms Regimental System (CARS). All of the LRP companies and detachments were “re-flagged” as Ranger companies on that date, except Company D (Ranger), which was formed on 20 November 1969 upon the rotation of the Company D (Ranger), Indiana National Guard back to its home state. The third period ended when the Ranger companies were inactivated as their parent units were withdrawn from the war between November 1969 (Company O of 3d Brigade 82d Airborne Division), and 15 August 1972 (Company H of 1st Air Cavalry Division)


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