'Video' Gulf War Viper evading SAMs over Baghdad

November 7th, 2006  

Topic: 'Video' Gulf War Viper evading SAMs over Baghdad

While the video quality isn't great, this is part of the HUD / VTR tape taken by Emmitt 'ET' Tullia as he 'dodged' at least six SAMs that had locked onto his aircraft during 'Package Q', the first daylight raid on Baghdad, on 19 January 1991. 'Package Q' was the largest single strike mission of the war, and likely the single largest F-16 strike package ever flown into combat.


Sadly the Lucky Devils, flying Block 30 F-16C's deployed from Torrejon AB, Spain, lost two aircraft to SAMs that day with both of the pilots, Mike 'Cujo' Roberts flying 87-0228 and Jeff 'Tico' Tice in 87-0257 being captured and held as POW's.

Another note to this video from Mick Bretz, one of our crew chiefs: "Maj. Emmet "ET" Tulla came back squaking code 1. After walking around the jet, he changed it to code 2 (In my mind after what he went through should have been a code 3). His entire Chaff/Flare modules were full!!!!! They never fired off, so all that manuvering was w/out counter measures. Some good flying!!!"

For more information about the Lucky Devils and the Package Q mission, I invite you to visit the Lucky Devils in the Gulf War at:
3.7 million pounds of ordinance, 1303 sorties, 42 days, 24 aircraft. The 'Forgotten 1000'.

Mike Kopack
November 8th, 2006  
fantastic and awsome

BTW, it is Persian gulf not just the gulf. Thanks
November 8th, 2006  
Pretty Cool man!

Got to love the Lucky Devils!!

Oh one question! Do you know of the 555th Triple Nickle?

They are my Fav Air Force Squadron , but I know little of thier Gulf War combat history.
November 9th, 2006  
Google is your friend.

Doesn't look like the Nickel got involved too much for Desert Shield/Storm, or OEF/OIF.

In 1974, the squadron moved to Luke AFB, Ariz., where it was again chosen to receive the Air Force's newest fighter, the F-15 Eagle.

The Nickel, exactly 17 years to the day, April 1, 1994 transferred to Aviano AB, Italy, and was honored again by being given the distinction of flying the greatest fighter in the world, the single seat, supersonic, multi-role, 9G F-16C.
And that's after a fairly detailed campaign history in Vietnam.

November 22nd, 2006  
Thats really great man... I felt as if I was going to be shut down
November 22nd, 2006  
Whoa....that's cool.

Plus...this link is really cool too.


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