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Video Games as tools of Recruitment?
June 6th, 2005  
Video Games as tools of Recruitment?
Originally Posted by wolfen
I tend to think that kids now days realize that Americas Army is nothing but a game.
They do, but whenever I play, more often than not I see kids expressing interest and asking all kinds of questions about joining and what its like, etc, and since there are almost always either past or currently serving soldiers playing, there's a lot of information to be gathered. I don't think its unethical at all, it's just another recruiting tool, and probably pretty damn effective, since they're still working on the game, improving it.
June 7th, 2005  
I just hope its correct information, not a bunch of sea stories.
I can tell the kids at school about some of the things I did in teh Navy and some of the places I went and they'd all join tomorrow morning, but if I tell them all of it, only about half would join.
June 8th, 2005  
I don't know if its ethical but I think it does work. I think the more kids are conditioned to quickly identify and kill enemies without hesitation in a realistic virtual setting, the better they will be at doing it in the real thing. Mentally you set up an automatic pattern of "see enemy, pull trigger". It also teaches them to work within a team to accomplish objectives during missions, and this is all before they even sign up. I think this gives potential recruits a training edge that was NEVER available to guys in WW1, WW2, and Vietnam. Of course you have to combine this videogame idoctrination with effective real world training programs do do ANY good so if thats lacking then your out of luck no matter how good your videogame skills are. It can be a valuable tool though if used right.

I don't plan on going into the military, but from an indoctrination standpoint I think a lifetime of playing military oriented videogames, playing laser tag as a kid and later paintballas a teenager, has probably given me a grounding and understanding in combat based tactical thinking before I even theoretically 'signed the dotted line', much more so than what my father EVER had when he volunteered for Vietnam in the late 60's. Thats why I think it could be effective.

However, the ethics of this is very hard to get around though. Ethically, as a democracy you cant go overboard and create some kind of quasi-Hitler Youth type indoctination through videogames in order to create better soldiers, but then again I think it WOULD work if applied right. I guess thats the militarys delime is how far you take this type of thing.'
Video Games as tools of Recruitment?
June 9th, 2005  
I have to agree with the first paragraph, but some of us did get some form training while playing when growing up. This entire thread reminded me that when I was a kid we all had rafts on a big pond, and we teamed up as enemy Navies (ie US Japan, Germany), and basically declared war on the other side for days on end , we even had floating logs servinng as submarines LOL. Our wepons systems were daisy red rider bb guns, the target to sing the enemy ship was a tin can that was not allowed to be touched, it sat in the middle of the raft and whoever's can was shot into the water first sank LOL

(can you say were were bored?)

The Army games were way more intresting
June 12th, 2005  
i have to agree, many people are swayed towards the video game industry. In fact, many people can become addicted, video games pose an addiction, and yes, in fact a very important pull in someones life. I think that maybe a teenager without a cause could become engrossed, and of course, sign up arbitrarily. Video games may pose a great marketing advantage to recruitment, but from the news lately, it seems that recruitment was under the army's enlistment qouta. As of now I don't think they are playing a huge piece of the marketing maneuver for enlistment.
June 12th, 2005  
Not justkids mate, grown people too, I'm a prime example, I'mm adicted to a game called Vega Strike. I have flown cargo missions to some of the best and worst places in the universe
June 13th, 2005  
Yes, this game is propaganda, but it was hard for me to get a hold of. I got it for free out of a PC Gamer Demo disk, the disk was flawed and they refused to refund me or send another copy. When I joined the Army I was given a copy and told to play it, that disk also did not work, al though I do believe I might have something to do with that one because I put it on the front seat of my car and it sat in the sun for a few hours. :s Then finally I went to the Army recruiting station and asked for a copy. It is a fun game, the training IMO closely resembles that of what a soldier will go through. (At least it is more accurate than any other game I have played.) Moral of my story? If this game is meant to be a recruiting tool then why was it so hard for me to get a working copy?!?! The recruiters at school don't even hand it out for free.

And do we really want people joining the Army because of a video game? I know I joined because I felt that I owe my country for everything it has given me, I want to serve my country and help to protect my friends and loved ones and most of all I have a family history of serving in the military/government/police force and I wanted to keep that tradition alive. (I had a grandpa who fought in WWII for the Army, another for the Navy, one fought in Korea for the Army and another was in the 101st. Also, I have a cousin who works for the defense department in St. Louis, another cousin in the FBI, a cousin and an uncle who are police officers.)
June 22nd, 2005  
a new game Battlefield 2 is coming out...

i am always a fan of Battlefield series, from 1942, to Vietnam

new Battlefield 2 got all the state-of-art equipments in today's world among U.S CHina, and a fictional Middle-east coliation (using mostly new Russian equipments)

a pretty cool game, and definately worth to spend money on
June 22nd, 2005  
Ok this thread is about questiong whether games are considered as a recruitment tool.

If you want to advertise BF2, do it in the computer/games Category.
November 6th, 2009  

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even if the army did spend money on this we cant be goin and gettin all mad.....because it in all is a persons choice to buy the game and play the game.

and if you want to get technicall its the parents fault. it is my choice to play that awsome game. it is my choice to join the millitary.