A very strange German WWII aircraft idea

May 15th, 2010  

Topic: A very strange German WWII aircraft idea

This is my first post and I hope this is not a subject that is redundant. However, I ran across information and photos that I found absolutely fascinating about one of the many peculiar aircraft ideas of WWII.

In this one, a German designer, one Siegfried Holzbauer, a test pilot of Junkers, used a DFA 230 Assault glider with a Focke Wulf Fw 56 on top as a tow plane in the original configuration. This, at least in theory, turned a fighter into a weird kind of heavy bomber. However, near the end of the war, the Germans used the basic tow plane with anything they could load with bombs, strap on and get airborne. All these combinations are described in the reference. You will find a fascinating article plus a great graphic representation of the idea at

Incidentally, what sparked my interest to do the research to find this was running across an old story in Der Speigel about something called Operation Trolley which was a WWII series of mission to provide top command with very good -- and very close -- photo recon on damage from bombing. One of the most interesting of 32 photos associated with the article is this one which should partially destroyed versions on this lash on an airport apron. From that photo, you can troll through the entire gallery, all fascinating for any WWII buff. The link is:

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May 15th, 2010  
The main issue with the Mistel aircraft was that while the two aircraft were linked any enemy contact was usually a death sentence for the pilot of the fighter, there were not many fighter pilots that enjoyed being strapped to a couple of thousand pound of explosives while under fire.
May 15th, 2010  
Unless they were Japanese..
May 15th, 2010  
Jeff Simmons

Topic: Hah!

I shouldn't have laughed at that PI joke, Botak, but I got quite a chuckle out of your quick wit!
May 18th, 2010  
nice post and links, thanks!


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