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Venezuelan Middle Class Flees
April 19th, 2006  
Venezuelan Middle Class Flees
Originally Posted by tomtom22
I agree, Chavez is going the route of Castro and Cuba.
I disagree with you on this one. The people who are duped by Chavez can generally afford a ticket on an airplane!
April 21st, 2006  
Originally Posted by bulldogg
I wonder what Venezuela's neighbours think about it all.
Well it's bad for Columbia. Hugo is already harboring, aiding and abetting FARC.

You have to remember that after Castro Hugo's next hero is Che. IMHO he'd like nothing more than to reinvent Che's dream of "The Liberation of Latin America" Which would entail guerillia warefare throughout Latin America with new Republics to be ruled by his (and Fidels) brand of Psuedo-Socialism.

He's already fanning flames in Southern Mexico and who do you think was behind Evo Morales in Boliva?