June 22nd, 2007  

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4th Marines (regiment)
"Oldest Proudest"

2/4 (2nd Btn 4th Marines)
nickname: "Magnificent Bastards"
motto: "Second to None"

2nd Marines (regiment)
"Tarawa" "Keep moving"

nickname: "Betio Bastards"
motto:"We quell the storm and ride the thunder!"
"Unus Supra"

7th Marines
"Prepair to march"

nickname: "War Dogs"
motto: "Ready for all, yielding to none"

10th Marines
"King of Battle" "Arm of Decision" (old)

motto: "Pain by steel rain" and "The Five and Dime"
June 22nd, 2007  
Oh yeah, forgot to add... Those were the division units I served with.
June 22nd, 2007  
Passed around a bit now werent ya lad? One might think you bleed OD green.
June 22nd, 2007  
I was in for a bit over 6. '79 thru most of '85.

My first station was with 2/4 in Okinawa. That's a 13 month tour. Then I was transfered to 3/2 at Swamp Lagoon. I was with them for nearly a year when I messed around and talked my way into getting a try out for 2nd ITU. During the OJT period there, it was figured out that I was no where near the personality type wanted for an interrogator so I got kicked over to intel analysis.
I was in the S-2 shop for 5/10 until I re-enlisted for duty in Japan with a the 1st MAW, when that tour ended I traded out of intel and back into infantry and finished out at 2/7.

I was blessed with being a bit above average in most things and cursed with being a problem child. So usually, I'd get traded off rather than sh** canned.

I did get a huge benefit of seeing more of the Corps than most Marines ever get a chance to. The more I saw the more I knew it to be what the myths and legends said it was.