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December 18th, 2007  

Topic: Various Jets

Can anyone tell me what different jets are relatively equal to one another? For example if i have an F-15, which Russian or French jet would match up against it? Im interested in everything up to the F-22. Thanks in advance.
December 18th, 2007  

Topic: More detail

This a difficult question the way you worded it because of lack of detail.
Do you mean matches against up in air to air or performance? There many cross over areas that would surprise you in close dog fighting F-16s can beat F-15s, but before the merge or mid range F-15s can get better position sometimes. At mid range range even a F/A-18 Hornet is difficult to sneak up equipped with a AESA radar and if the pilot alert your still going to get a Slammer or two shot at you as he's trying to break your radar lock.

Very rough would be
Heavy weights fighters
Mig-31 really an interceptor

Mid weights
in the end later model Vipers are much heavier

In between mid and light
Mirage 2000


Performance wise
Nothing in the F-22 class

Air Combat
Flanker MKI

All four are very good and pilot skill, fuel load, AWACS, missiles, and other factors can really change the battle for any of the above and turn it one way or the other. The F-15 is the older design compared to the other three so I guess with even skilled pilots one may even say the F-15C can be beat. Pilot skill and training are the keys and good maintenance. One on one fights don't really happen in real life much so you can't read to deeply into that. I enjoy reading about dog fighting because even a Mig-29 pilot pushing his aircraft to the edge can give a F-15 pilot a hard time. F-5s use to chop up F-14s in close so its difficult to set down exactly who better then who.

Hope that helps a little

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