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October 29th, 2014  
Originally Posted by MontyB
I think no matter how you look at it what happened in Egypt was by definition a military coup which is not necessarily a bad thing if that is indeed what the people want.
Agreed, although as stated above I'm a supporter of Sisi, what he did was a coup d'etat nonetheless.


I am not sure how Egypt is now and all I can really say is that I was appalled by the media coverage of the protests, when I got home the news was awash with stories about what was happening there but what they were reporting and what I encountered were two very different things.

While I was there tourism had been hit hard and after watching what had been reported it isn't hard to see why, I hope when I go back next year things will have improved because I had a great time and would hate to see people miss out on seeing the country due to over sensational media coverage.
I don't really know exactly how the situation is due to me not living there as of right now, but I do ask Egyptians after they go for visits and a few of the people I know that still live there. From what I hear, things are slowly improving, people although still protesting and clashing with security forces, the amount of protests has dropped and it's not that common anymore. Most of the complaints I hear are about the high prices which has always been an issue even before the revolution so, it's nothing new. We'll see how it goes and hope for the best.

Looking forward to hear your feedback after you visit next year and glad that you realize that the media is being over sensational. If you ever needed help in anything at all in relation to Egypt, please contact me. I hope you enjoy your stay.