Using a General for Bait

January 7th, 2006  

Topic: Using a General for Bait

Back in the early '80s I was stationed at Ramstein AB. We took our F-4Es to Deci (Sardinia, Italy) for air to air combat training on the Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumented (ACMI) Range. At the time the F-15 was relatively new and it wasn't unusual for an old F-4 pilot to win against a new F-15 driver.
We had a young pilot who had quite the reputation as a good stick and a quick thinker. Our wing commander, a one star general who later made four but should remain nameless to protect his pride and honor, decided that he and this hot shot should take on some Eagles. He thought it would be a good test of this young Lieutenant's skills.
Once clear money these two rhino drivers went off to do battle against four eagles. This was a stacked deck if ever there was one.
The plan was for the two Phantoms to rip through the flight of Eagles, get positive identifications, and come around and mix it up with them. As they closed to radar range the general (he was flying lead of course) said to go to burner for the identification run. He did. The lieutenant chopped the throttles, put out the speed brakes, and more or less came to a sudden stop. The general went through the enemy formation screaming that they were bad guys so the lieutenant started firing radar guided missiles at them. Got all four and became an instant hero among the USAF and British F-4 people on the island.
When they landed the young pilot's feet couldn't touch the payment since he was being carried around by the troops. That lasted until the general taxied in and started in on our young hero for using a superior officer for bait. Needless to say, his attitude only made things all the sweeter for not only had a one F-4 beat four F-15s, he'd done it using a general as cannon fodder.
The lieutenant didn't buy a drink the rest of the deployement.

MSgt Ray Albright, USAF (Ret)
January 7th, 2006  
probably shouldn't break neutrality, but even the chaplain would buy that young gun a beer.
January 7th, 2006  
HAHAHAHA Nice nice !!
January 7th, 2006  
Team Infidel
That's awesome. See the Rabbit run....
January 8th, 2006  
Navy Boy

January 8th, 2006  

very silly!

January 8th, 2006  
Classic! What did the GIBs/WSOs say about all this?
January 10th, 2006  
Gotta love that.