USA EU VS Russia China and India

May 6th, 2005  

Topic: USA EU VS Russia China and India

i think that it would be a really tight battle with no side being able to win. if all other countries stayed out of this conflict what do you think would happen? i would b intrested to know.
May 6th, 2005  
We should ask first if the planet would stay in one piece.... And even if it does, only the coachroaches would survive... Even if someone would actually survive, he wouldn't be able to live.... It would change all, mostly climate too....
May 6th, 2005  
Simple thing is that US & its European Allies (NATO) cannot win this war. All the 3 (China, Russia and India) are huge countries and it will take a hell of resources to fight with them combined.

US military is not large enought to fight army of millions and same is the case with EU (NATO). The only advantage western bloc will hold would be in Naval conflicts. And do note that this would be not a Gulf War!

Over-all losses will be great on both sides but still I believe that (Russia, China and Indian Axis) will win this war!

And if this conflict goes Nuclear then planet Earth is doomed!
May 6th, 2005  

The Triple Alliance .......... President Putin's Dream .. i don't see it materalising soon

May 6th, 2005  
The russians would try to invade western europe with minimal success. The EU would just use its navy and airforce to fight since their armies aren't in high enough numbers. The US alone could cause a lot of damage but not nearly enough to all three countries to cause significant problems. China's economic embargo would hurt the western economies but militarily can't do much. India would just be... hard to invade i guess with all the people there. So it would be the russia china india alliance on the defensive while the western nations are more or less losing resources as the weeks go by.

I think this is a genuine stalemate, nobody can take over anyone esle.
May 7th, 2005  
Man here i go on the media again. If the allied military isnt worried about homeland media backlash, then America and the EU have enough non-nuclear bombs to destroy India and China. If the rules of engagement and the outlines of Geneva Conventions arent followed and the allied attitude is "if their not wearing our unis then killem," i think the allies will win it. The biggest problems would not be the military of India China and Russia, but rather the Himalayas, the jungles and mountains of China, and the Russian winter.
May 7th, 2005  
Nobody would use nuclear weapons, MAD.

And India.... I couldn't imagine her sideing with the Chinese...
May 7th, 2005  
certaintly a battle in china or india would prove the us forces uncapable in gureilla warefare

simply patrioism in the two countries are too strong for them be defeated
May 7th, 2005  
Eu would be a pushover, but britain and USA for the win.
May 7th, 2005  
Eu would be a pushover, but britain and USA for the win.
...thats clearly an overstatement, a little too ambitious?

but this is overwhelming....

US defence budget will equal ROW combined "within 12 months"

By Guy Anderson Editor of Jane's Defence Industry

Defence expenditure in the US will equal that of the rest of the world combined within 12 months, making it "increasingly pressing" for European contractors to develop a "closer association" with the US, corporate finance group PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) says.

Its report - 'The Defence Industry in the 21st Century' by PwC's global aerospace and defence leader Richard Hooke - adds that "the US is in the driving seat", raising the prospect of a future scenario in which it could "dominate the supply of the world's arms completely".

The US defence budget reached US$417.4 billion in 2003 - 46 per cent of the global total.

Less than two per cent of the US defence budget is spent outside its home market, the report notes, and of this around one per cent goes to UK contractors.

Hooke says: "The message for management teams in all this - apart from the obvious for US contractors to monopolise the industry - is that they will fail to maximise value if they fail to define accurately the business segment in which they operate.

"For Europe and the UK in particular, it means, right now, an increasingly pressing need to develop a closer association with the US market."