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August 7th, 2005  

Topic: Re: Abu Syaff

Originally Posted by MichiganMarineInfantry
When I was on a West Pac with the 31st MEU (SOC), we were briefed quite frequently on the AS. The intel we were getting said they rarely fight in the rain or at night. Also at night, they construct bonfires in their camps. What the h**l were they thinking?
A myth...

ASG fighters are among the most jungle-savvy in the world. During night ops in the hunt for Abu Sabaya et al, the US provided recon overflights to detect bonfires ostensibly lit by ASG, the planes/UAVs did detect some fires an notified the ground troops...when the Scout Rangers reached the area, there were fires alright, but from the woodfired ovens of villages scattered throughout the jungle.
August 15th, 2005  

Topic: Status of ASG Leaders

Abu Sabaya-DEAD, a transmitter was planted in his backpack by a "TRUSTED AIDE" and was tracked by US intelligence operatives who called in the Philippine Navy SWAG (Special Warfare Group) his (Sabaya's boat) was rammed by the Swag craft and Sabaya was turned into shark food.

Khadaffy Janjalani- Alive and on the run up to now...

Ghalib Andang - DEAD. was imprisoned in Manila wherein he co-led an uprising of detained ASG men, troops retook the jail and sent Robot to his 77 virgins

Mujib Susukan- DEAD. figured in a firefight with Army soldiers and was turned into a martyr for Allah posthaste. but he was dragged by his cohorts and buried, but troops found his grave 2-3 days later and exhumed his remains, there was a picture of him in some major dailies in Manila wherein he looked so "serene" in death surrounded by Army troops who were having a grand time pointing at him and laughing theirs hearts out.

Hector Janjalani- Still alive and incarcerated at a maximum security prison in Manila.

Originally Posted by Italian Guy
Done some research about Abu Sayyaf Group most prominent figures, for the benefit of those who might not be familiar with what is going on in the southern Philippines.

ALDAM TILAO aka ABU SABAYA Sabaya, whose flamboyant character made him a natural for the job of ASG spokesman, made his media debut only on April 2000. A veteran of the Chad wars in central Africa and a former Moro National Liberation Front Bangsamoro member. Sabaya took up engineering courses in Zamboanga A.E. Colleges.

KHADAFFY JANJALANI aka DAF/PEK Only 26 years old, Khadaffy Janjalani is the youngest in a brood of five (which includes the oldest, the late Ustadz Abdurajack, and the second to the youngest Hector). "Daf" took up Islamic studies in Marawi City, and received a crash course in military training in Pakistan. Recognized as the "Amir" of the Basilan group. Married to Sherma, his first cousin and the daughter of Ustadz Hussein Manatad, one of the religious directors of the Tabuk, Mosque in Isabela, Basilan.

GALIB ANDANG aka COMMANDER ROBOT Andang joined the group in 1995. A smoker (a habit not allowed among Muslim fundamentalists), 'Robot' gained notoriety as a rapist and outlaw in Sulu. He is a relative of top MNLF leaders and local politicians in the southern provinces. Led the kidnapping in the Malaysian dive resort of Sipadan.

MUJIB SUSUKAN aka MUJIB Son of MNLF leader Commander Susukan, Mujib is the known as the silent-type operator; a high school drop-out. Together with Sabaya sports long hair and has a penchant for wearing sunglasses. Susukan's father carved a legend as the first MNLF fighter who shot down an Air Force plane.


HECTOR JANJALANI, Hector is businessman by profession, and involved in various trading activities. It was the perfect cover for an intelligence officer. Compared to his younger brother Khaddafy, Hector is more outspoken. Arrested in December 22, 2000 by Manila police in the Quiapo underpass, and currently detained at Camp Crame.

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