US firm bared from bidding for USAF aircraft

January 3rd, 2012  

Topic: US firm bared from bidding for USAF aircraft

A friend just passed this to me, apparently the USAF is looking for a new light attack aircraft and the Obama Admin has excluded the only US firm which intended to bid (Hawker Beechcraft). According to my source the contract will now probably go to a Brazilian company, which George Soro’s just happens to either own or has a large interest in.

With our (the US) history of aircraft development you will be hard pressed to convince me that no US company is worthy of even bidding.

And is it just coincidence that the US media, in an election year, has been silent about this?

Does anybody out there know more about the details of this than me?

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January 4th, 2012  
Check my linky to the post in the Political section
January 4th, 2012  
George Soro's is one of the dodgiest's bastards on this planet. He has been convicted of insider trading, he has funded Gun Free South Africa among others. He's a dangerous man, I am surprised no one has taken him out.
January 4th, 2012  
according to this article , American Aircraft Manufacturer Excluded From Bidding on Air Force Contract-Truth! & Unproven! , Soros has nothing to do with it.

GAO Dismisses Hawker Beechcraft Protest

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