US captures Al Qaeda propaganda specialist in Iraq

October 16th, 2005  
Team Infidel

Topic: US captures Al Qaeda propaganda specialist in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Oct 16 (AFP) - US-led forces have captured an Al Qaeda progaganda
specialist during a raid in western Karabilah, the US military said Sunday.

Yasir Khudr Muhammad Jasim al-Karbali, also known as Abu Dijana, was nabbed
on September 25 and was the "propaganda cell leader for Karabilah, Al Qaim
and Husaybah," the military said in a statement.

"Abu Dijanas cell consisted of photographers who used video and still
photograph images to document insurgent attacks against Iraqi citizens and
Iraqi and coalition security forces," it said.

"After documenting the attacks, Abu Dijana collected the photographs and
video and forwarded it to other senior Al Qaeda in Iraq propaganda
officials" to be used in print and on the Internet, the military said.

On Saturday, the US military announced the capture of two other Al-Qaeda
members, one known as "The Barber", who helped disguise leaders on the run,
and a second who was said to have acted as a banker for Abu Azzam, an Al
Qaeda chief killed in September.
October 16th, 2005  
October 16th, 2005  
Whispering Death
October 17th, 2005  
You know I like Baghdad bob a lot.. He is my fave character! He could be a great comedian.... sigh
October 17th, 2005  
That's good to hear it.