US army in iraq baffles me (gear and hardware related) - Page 6

November 24th, 2004  
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Misileer, I took no offense whatsoever. I know a number of people that I grew up with that worked for Raytheon. They work/worked for the plants in Lowell and Andover MA. There was one in particular that I kept in contact with while I was in Desert Storm. In each correspondence I asked him to thank anyone involved in the Patriot project Had I known anyone who worked on the TOW, I would have thanked them just as readily.
There may very well be more defense workers on this forum. Who knows maybe they'll show up soon?
I was hoping you could give me some insight into the info we got back from the field about our forces preferring the TOW over the Javelin. The only thing I can figure out is that so much fighting is line of sight and the TOW is more destructive to buildings.