Unofficial Motto of 1st SFOD-D

April 22nd, 2003  

Topic: Unofficial Motto of 1st SFOD-D

According to Robin Moores The Hunt For Bin Laden: Task Force dagger, the motto for the US Army's Delta Force is:
Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action
Like most things relating to the unit, we can only assume this is an unofficial motto, since you cant really have a motto when you technically dont exist.
January 14th, 2005  
good point and hell this topic is old'n'dusty
December 16th, 2013  

Topic: Correction

I just want to make it clear that "Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action" is NOT the CAG motto. It's not even a motto. Those are the generic principles of MOUT.
December 17th, 2013  
A Can of Man
That book was not a very good book at all. Robin Moore's "Green Berets" was legendary, but "The Hunt for Bin Laden," was an error riddled piece of work which was primarily based on the accounts of a faker.