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July 30th, 2004  
Well, having a family is one of the top things on my list. My entire life I haven't done anything or worried about myself. I'm not a priority. I because 18 when I was accually 5. I haven't lived my life as a kid and I don't want to start that at the age of 20. I knew what I wanted to do with my life at 6 years old. I was happy with that though. I'm happy now. Thank you for your advise and I'm considering it as well. You all have very wise words. Maybe, um I dun know, cause you've been there. I do think there is something wrong in this relationship and I also think I'm going to not let it get to me.
July 30th, 2004  
It sounds to me like you want a family, right? Let The Corps be your family for now. You will make new friends and find a different way of life other than that you have been taught already. You are young and there is still plenty of time to find the right person to start that life with. Do not let yourself get caught up in the I want a family thing, that will only lead you to the wrong person and you may end up bein miserable for it. Take your time, you may need to go through a lot of wrong guys to find the right guy. Take things one step at a time, follow your dreams. On another note, let this guy go. He is a lot older than you and is tryin to get you into his life, tryin to fix you to fit into his plan. Live your life, not his.
July 30th, 2004  
I hear you ... I know there are plenty of people out there. I think that I'm just going to keep the relationship and if things don't work out then oh well. There's always going to be someone else...
August 11th, 2004  
the thing that helped me a lot in boot camp, but I didn't understand till closer to the end was that your Drill Instructors are there to help you, not just to try to mess with you and get you to fail. Remember everything they tell you. They come from all sorts of MOS's and have different experiences. My Senior Drill Instructor was a cook, but he could be as mean as hell. Physical fitness is a big thing and stressed a lot in boot camp along with other things. Pull-ups are a big problem for me but like everything else, it takes work. Good Luck!
August 11th, 2004  
silent driller
To 782.Matt(quote buttons are gone) The SDP is a secondary MOS. The way it works is:
Year one- part of the regular platoon
Year two- can try out for the inspection team
Year three- can try out for rifle inspector(only two men in the platoon ever get this per year.)

After that, I'll probably go for machine guns.
September 7th, 2004  
Originally Posted by RnderSafe
Originally Posted by RecruitWalterUSMC
Say, my boyfriend and I have gotten into a few arguements because he wants me to join the reserves or the Army. He said he doesn't want to wait for even four years for me to get out. Then when I told him I wanted to retire he said there was no way we would stay together. I don't want to not join the Mariens because this is a dream of mine. I also don't want to lose my boyfriend. Although, I have heard that when I accually go in the chances of me finding someone while I'm in active are greater. I don't know what else to do. Could someone give me some advise? this sucks when men are in the way
Do you want to be a Marine or do you want to be someone's girlfriend? If you're concered about dating, do not join the Marine Corps. If you want to be a Marine, if you want to serve your country, and if you want to do something that makes you happy that will also help build a start to your career, join the Marines.

You are young, worry about making yourself happy before you start attempting to make someone else happy.

Join the Marines if that is what you want, anyone putting conditions on you doesn't truly care to begin with and there are plenty of fish in the big sea of life. We all have to find our own path, not live a path someone else wishes for us.

Good luck.
I agree with you!!!! I'm 23 yrs old and a mother of a 5yr old. I have always wanted to join the Marines but I had my son at an early age and I guess I thought about him more than myself. Now that he is a little bit older I am prepared mentally and physically to do this. I spoke to my husband about it and he was supportive. I would of never guessed that he was going to support right off the back. We even talked about relocating and he has no problems with that. He's willing to get another job were I go and also he will be taking care of Alex the majority of the time. Yeah I know he loves me...
But I'm pretty concerned I'm wondering how much this will affect my son and truly can someone tell me how often do you get to be with your family.....


September 10th, 2004  

Topic: marines

hey, im currently a junior in high school and am planning to go DEP and then enlist outta high school. my plan is to learn how the enlisted person thinks and know what its like to be in their shoes and then hopeflly become an officer. i was thinking OCS but im not sure how it works....can someone help me out?

September 15th, 2004  
But any way . You can apply for the Marine Corps Enlisted Commisioning Program (MCECP) while on active duty.But be advised it is a highly competative process only the best enlisted Marines are selected.The Marine Corps would then send you to a University of their choice and you would remain as an active duty enlisted Marine until you were commissioned.