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September 28th, 2004  
Italian Guy
September 29th, 2004  
Serbia and the United States were historical allies and fought against many of the same evil and tyranic enemies when the call arose. But now I sadly can't say the same. After what I had experienced during the 1990's all the way up to 1999 is what probably gave me my anti-american rhetoric when I was younger. I have grown up a bit know and know I can't blame all Americans for you're past leaders b******t decisions.
So I just want to know one thing, do the americans on thisboard really beleive the war on serbia was justified while we were fighting terrorists?
This is the only thing I want to know, thank you.
September 29th, 2004  
Seeing as how I asked that the Americans not respond ... you should prolly create a new topic on that. But the primary objection on the part of the world community had very little to do with hating or disliking Serbians. I'll leave it at that. If you're curious, start a thread on it. I suppose we could open this thread up, but I don't know if its a good idea.
September 29th, 2004  
Italian Guy
Well I think I can give my opinion about it, but I'll be short or I'll go off-topic.
Like godofthunder said, you should start a new thread on this.
Italy was U.S. right arm during Nato war on Serbia. We had a leftist government at the time (same people now saying wars are always wrong- quite a consistence), just like Clinton wasn't a neocon hawk.
I can assure you that that war wasn't fought on terrorism, but justified on humanitarian grounds, since Slobodan's militias and paramilitias were slaughtering Kosovo's Albanians.
The Pope blessed the intervention ( same guy who now says war is always wrong, go figure!) and no peacemonger crowded our streets.

Neither Italy nor the U.S. had anything against the Serbian people, just like the British or the American had nothing against Italian people when they were bombing us.
Maybe you guys need a longer perspective on that, but I hope you got my point.
October 9th, 2004  
So I guess this is a dead topic. Let's sum up opinions:
1.) Unhappy with intervention that went against their nation
2.) Hypocritical
3.) Doomed to redivide soon
4.) Arrogant
5.) Racist
6.) Selfish
7.) Meddler
8.) Ignorant
9.) Self-Proclaimed World Policeman - sometimes good cop, sometimes bad cop, always pursuing self-interest
10.) Champion of capitalism
11.) Overconfident
12.) Good and just ally to have
13.) Important friend to have
14.) Disrespectful of all things "non-American"
15.) Believe that nobody else has any good ideas
16.) Full of trailer-park trash idiots
17.) Tries to put its stamp on other nations
18.) Thinks its militarily unbeatable
19.) Champion of Democracy
20.) The World leader in all categories - US does it first and much of the world follows
21.) Unaware of its importance at times
22.) Often taken advantage of and/or taken for granted as a protector
23.) Land of Opportunity
24.) Overpatriotic - perhaps thinks too much of itself
25.) the most dominant country in the world
26.) look like you dont care about other countries views
27.) Generally like Americans and the USA
28.) Their involvement has often been counterproductive
29.) Bully
30.) Destroyer of Cultures
31.) Short memory
32.) Has saved the day in the past, but did it for all the wrong reasons
33.) Too heavily motivated by the media
34.) Doesn't always intervene when they probably should have (Sudan, Rwanda)
35.) Loved
36.) Hated
37.) Both good and bad

Is that a fair sumation?

How can the United States change the bad image it has on a lot of things?
October 9th, 2004  
Young Winston
Australians see the US as its great protector. We are very nervous in the South Pacific. Its an historical thing. A white european nation in an asian world. Politics in Australia always plays on this fear. Many Australians are very stupid, racist and ignorant people ( I find this hard to say). But we are great fighters in a military situation.
October 9th, 2004  
Nice sum up godof thunder , very concise, The only way for america to change the bad things is to completley revamp itself, and america would not be america without its faults, just like france would not be france without it faults etc.
October 9th, 2004  
i think there are three types of americans

1. good kind powerful and generous people who are the closest ally to us
2. racists who think that they are better than everbody else
3. obese fat people and criminals

I think that there are too many 2's and 3's and not enough 1's
October 9th, 2004  
Originally Posted by riathamus
i think there are three types of americans

1. good kind powerful and generous people who are the closest ally to us
-------mostly Northen American, people in NYC, SF, LA, Boston, MA,

Originally Posted by riathamus
2. racists who think that they are better than everbody else
--------mostly souterhn American, TX rednecks, AL religion fans or GA superstitious farmers

Originally Posted by riathamus
3. obese fat people and criminals
check this most fat people in the south:

and most serial killers in the south too!!
Most Dangerous top 10 cities
1 St. Louis, MO
2 Atlanta, GA
3 Dayton, OH
4 Tampa, FL
5 Gary, IN
6 New Orleans, LA
7 Richmond, VA
8 Jackson, MS
9 Cincinnati, OH

those eastsouthern people will finally eat too much and their brain will finally stop thinking
October 10th, 2004  
whosewar, did you get thumped a few too many times by a country boy, or is your bigotry the result of pure ignorance?