Unit Jodies

June 15th, 2006  
C/LT Coleman

Topic: Unit Jodies

I'm trying to come up with a few jodies (same as cadences) for our unit to use that are for NJROTC. The ones we use are for the military. like "They say that in the navy" and "if i die in a combat zone" stuff like that...

Do any of you have unit jodies?

If you do post them

also if anyone has any rivalry ones thatd be cool too...
June 15th, 2006  
Ours is "756, we're a bunch of Hicks."
... No jokes
June 16th, 2006  
Down by the river
We took alittle walk
Ran into *****(whoever you want)
We had alittle talk

We pushed em
We shoved em
We threw em in the river
And laughed as they drowned
We dont need no ***** hangin around

it can repeating with different things being said

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