UN Shoots The Messenger

April 23rd, 2005  
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Topic: UN Shoots The Messenger

Hey good job there, UN. Fire the guy who uncovers the oil for food scandal.

The man who tried to blow the whistle on the UN oil-for-food scandal
By Philip Sherwell in Washington

No one would listen to the man who tried to blow the whistle on the UN oil-for-food scandal. Two years later he finally received a response - he was fired.

Rehan Mullick finally got the chance to tell his story last week. For four months in late 2002, he repeatedly tried to explain to high-ranking officials at the United Nations how Saddam Hussein had infiltrated and manipulated the $65 billion oil-for-food programme with the collusion of UN staff.

The softly spoken database analyst should know - he had spent nearly two years working at the UN mission in Baghdad and was appalled by the chaos and abuses he witnessed - but at the organisation's headquarters in Manhattan, nobody wanted to listen. Instead, he was treated with the contempt reserved for whistleblowers the world over - first ignored and then, when he persisted, fired.

May 30th, 2005  
A Can of Man
It happens everywhere.