Ultrasonic Sound Weapons

May 11th, 2013  

Topic: Ultrasonic Sound Weapons

Hi Guys,

I was reading the following:

Directed Stick Radiator
The Directed Stick Radiator (DSR), a creation of American Technology Corporation, is a small portable acoustic weapon, which fires a focused, painful, audible sound up to 100 yards. It is a 1-meter long, battery operated stick made of polymer. It operates in the 10 kHz region, and is adjustable up to 140 decibels.

The device contains a series of internal electric disks that function as amplifiers. It works in the following manner: An electrical signal is sent to the first disk in the rear, which sends a pressure pulse to the next disk, which amplifies the pulse, then passes it along to be amplified by the next disk. This process of amplification continues until the pulse exits the weapon. “It shoots out a pulse of sound that’s almost like a bullet,” described Elwood Norris, ATC’s chairman.

The weapon can transmit speech and other sounds. It can also act as a directional microphone in reverse operation. According to its manufacturer, its kinetic effect is so intense that it can knock someone back and cause migraine headaches. Business Wire and the BBC have stated that in addition to being used to remotely incapacitate a specific individual it will be used for psychological operations.

A similar device is the person-portable Sonic Firehose developed by SARA. It can allegedly knock people to the ground by transmitting a high-decibel sound up to 1 kilometer. Universal Guardian Holdings has developed the Acoustic Defender which can deliver debilitating sound at up to 100 yards.


Are such devices available anywhere?

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