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December 19th, 2006  
Anti matter as in, a possiblility for a weapon, or in contrast, the potenital for creation of energy. I mean , this stuff has a lot of potential.

(then I guess I got sidetracked in the process)

And, I did not say North Korea was a world power, coventionaly.

But, along the terms of them holding biological, as well as chemical weapons, and , no matter which way you look at, are still a threat to any advancing or attacking army.

Listen, sorry to disrupt or skirt topic or anything, but, I dont mean to make anyone look bad or make any vile person or group look good. And, really, with the talk of anti matter as energy, I mean, you could power a whole campaign on the stuff. That would make it just as , or more effecient as fossil fuels, which are currently the main source of power today.
But, there is no way to contain it safely, thats the main obsticale.

And one more thing, did I do something wrong? If so please tell me, I dont want to disrupt the site or offend any one or something.
December 20th, 2006  
There was nothing offensive at all. I was trying to follow this thread and couldn't quite determine the specific subject. If you'd done anything wrong, I or one of the other mods would have been quite clear about that. Carry on folks.

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