UK PM Cameron readies final push in Scotland

September 15th, 2014  
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Topic: UK PM Cameron readies final push in Scotland

British Prime Minister David Cameron will make one of his final visits to Scotland later on Monday four days before a historic independence referendum to warn Scots a vote to leave the United Kingdom is a forever choice. With opinion polls suggesting the referendum remains too close to call, Cameron, the leader of the England-centric ruling Conservative party, is expected to try to appeal to Scots' emotions by likening the four-nation UK to a family. If Scotland votes "yes" the UK will split and we will go our separate ways forever," he is expected to say, according to advance extracts given to local media by his office. Cameron is likely to repeat the anti-independence "Better Together" campaign's core message: That inside the UK Scotland can have the benefits of belonging to a larger more influential entity while enjoying an ever increasing measure of autonomy.


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