UK to cut troops in Iraq by 500 in November

October 10th, 2005  
Team Infidel

Topic: UK to cut troops in Iraq by 500 in November

LONDON, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- British Defense Secretary John Reid said on
Monday Britain will cut its troops in Iraq by about 500 to 8,000 in
"The total number of troops in Iraq following the deployment of 7 Armored
Brigade will be around 8,000," Reid told the House of Commons.
"This is about 500 fewer than at present, reflecting the closure of two
small bases in Basra, the transfer of some training tasks to the Iraqi
security forces and structural differences between the two brigades," Reid
"These are relatively minor adjustments, however, and will not affect
the activities being carried out by the United Kingdom forces," he said,
adding British troops will stay in Iraq until the job is done.
Last Thursday, British Prime Minister Tony Blair told visiting Iraqi
President Jalal Talabani that British troops "intend to stay with you for as
long as you need us and as long as you want us."
It was important to "stay the course" to help give the Iraqis " the
democracy they so self-evidently want," Blair added.
Britain, a staunch US ally on Iraq war, is positioning some 8, 500 troops
in Iraq, mostly based in the south of the country near Basra.
October 10th, 2005  
I think it is time to leave for US force then let Iraqi force do it themself.
October 11th, 2005  
Pull all forces out and Let Iraq handle its own.