UAVs - Page 3

February 26th, 2005  
A Can of Man
The thing is, even if it malfunctions, then what? No pilot bailing out over enemy territory, no massive searches over the pacific ocean on the pilot's whereabouts, or arranging for a funeral and having public morale drop.
You've lost money, but that aircraft cost a fraction of the cost of a manned aircraft.
And what happens to a manned aircraft when it malfunctions? Pilot bails out, airplane crashes. What happens when an unmanned aircraft malfunctions? It crashes.
February 28th, 2005  
Plus from what I have heard the normal fighter cost between 20-100 million. The Normal UAV can cost betweem 3 million and 15 million.
March 9th, 2005  
UAV can never take human's place. man, why don't you arm an 747 with 100 of AIM missiles and long range redars to fight enemies air force? it's cheap and easy... clearly, we just can't relie on missiles to taking care of the business. it needs the pilot's short on time decision. half sec that waste on data transfering and bad image the controler can get from the UAV, it's matter of sucess and failure.